YG Entertainment’s WIN trainees reveal profile photos

17. September, 2013 News No comments

On the fourth episode of YG Entertainment‘s survival program for its new boy group, WIN: Who Is Next, the teams’ shoot for the program intro as well as their individual profile photos were shown.

The eleven trainees were at ease in front of the camera as they showed their charisma through different expressions and poses. The profile photos are now revealed to the public.

Check out Team A (Lee Seung Hoong, Nam Tae Hyung, Kim Jin Woo, Kang Seung Yoon and Song Min Ho) and Team B’s (Koo Jun Hoe, Song Yun Hyeong, Kim Jin Hwan, B.I, Kim Dong Hyuk and Bobby) photos below!

Which photo is your favorite?

Sources: (News and Photos) WIN: Who Is Next

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