Quiz: Which K-pop Girl Group Do You Belong In?

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OK, so you want to be a K-pop star, but which girl group would you belong in?

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This quiz first appeared on The One Shots.

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  • AJ

    Brown Eyed Girls!!! My favorite girl group :)

  • Slooowy

    Lol, Girl’s Generation.. totally unexpected! xD

  • everybody sqalay!

    yessss 2ne1!!! this quiz is legit xD blackjacks are the best! gzb!

    • idontlikethisjossfoxgirl

      Ayy I got 2ne1 I love them to

  • saineko

    Wow Apink. Not bad

  • http://www.facebook.com/kiency.suarez Park Ki Yeon

    Sistar XD…… HAHAXD I expect, Girls Generation :) haha

  • Rae Huang Zitao

    brown eyed girls!!!! hmm seems legit!!!!

  • Jaye

    yay! i got 2ne1! :)

  • krystalle