Goo Hara covers Elle Girl Korea’s October issue

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Goo Hara is recently featured in the cover of Elle Girl Korea‘s October issue for Lacoste Live as the brand’s global ambassador. She transformed into a sporty girl image while maintaining the gorgeous appearance in Lacoste‘s youthful and pretty sports collection.

Check out all her photos below:

Source: News – Tvdaily Photo – Couch Kimchi

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  • H Lee

    WOW that is one expensive-looking plane. At least they’re able to relax in between shows. Don’t overwork yourselves!

  • BOSS 김

    They’re working so hard; they totally deserve their popularity! Go SNSD! :)

  • Princess Jamie

    My new year’s resolution is to save money, do well in college and be happy with my family. I’ve always told myself to save money every new years but it never does work out >..< Buwahahahaha, it never worked out because meat and I are 2 peas in a pod, inseparable, magnets! LOL! My other resolution was to be more dedicated to education and not procastinate and those didn't work out so well. I was late in turning in my college apps and I didn't have much confidence in myself about going to college.

    I'm hoping this year will be better for me education and family wise~

  • Rezha ‘Nzha’ Sopiyana

    i love SNSD..!!

    • Phoebe Tzien

      =D it’s really happy to know sones came by =)

  •!/NelleAigoo Nelle Jo

    First Of all,I failed to do my Last Year’s New Year Resolution :|
    But for now,I promised to myself that I must succeed my New Year’s Resolution this year…because in my opinion,New Year Resolution is the beginning of finishing so many tasks.

    Well,here comes a list of my New Year Resolution:
    – I will not change my music interests
    – Save money for my Future
    – I will have BETTER grades than before :O
    – I will Support any Korean Pop Superstar/Star
    – I will discipline myself from purchasing unneeded things
    – And the hardest of all,I will not eat dinner :)

    Well,just sharing my New Year Resolutions

  • Chan Han Jie

    Omg I want it but it’s ok if I dun have it just Ask SNSD to come sg to have concert pls :D

  • YaLi Shen

    Hi everyone :)
    I want to start off by saying that I do have a lot of goals in my life that I want to achieve. Even though I know that I won’t complete all of them in a year, I know there’s always a next year. My 2010 resolution didn’t went really well. Resolutions are something that guides our lives into something better and I hate the fact that it didn’t went like I expected. I’ll be honest, my grades aren’t going that well at the moment. I used to be REALLY good in math but my god, this year’s math is a bomb. Currently, I don’t have the best score on the class so it kinda sucks that i’m failing when I used to be good.
    Also, I wanted to show my talents last year but failed to. As for this year, I promised to myself that I need to work harder. Not for myself, but for those around me too. I’m a promising ELF and SONE and I know I can continue to work harder. They are the ones that keep me stronger everyday along with my family. But along all this year I realized something and that is that is not about being the best, it’s about trying your best and that’s exactly what i’m going to do. So this year I want to prove to myself and to the others that I can do it. That I want to make a change.
    Some people make random resolutions just to get over it and they usually don’t care eh eh eh eh (oh look at that, i’m starting to show my talent) tee hehe :) (yes my talent is singing hehe) but yeah I really want to follow mine because even though my dreams are rather difficult, they are not impossible.I learned to never say never because if you do, never means it’s over and over means you given up and given up would never help you reach for it. So to everyone and myself, FIGHTING! you can do it, I believe in you :)

  • Yasmin Mahmud

    snsd…<3<3<3…become famous famous….and famous all over the world

  • Mikaylah Clair

    My goal this year is to marry T.O.P~ >///< Just kidding its to take up dance classes and become more active. I didn't have a resolution last year because I just didn't want one.

  • Monie Vang

    unfortunately i didn’t. but i will try harder to lose some weight&work out more this year! woot. &i’m soo writing it down this year! :D

    please let me win the GTOP album. pleaseeee.

    • BOSS 김

      Yay! But stay healthy while you’re at it, please. :)
      Best wishes for 2011!

  • Nicole Panaguiton-Aroja

    I didnt Achieve my goal last year to attend “Kpop meets Ppop” @Philippines … and meet my crush Kim Hyun Joong :( and to get the latest album of SNSD Hoot … that is for my addiction and the 3rd new year resolution of mine is to be an honored student that came true because of my determination.. ^^ ive been in top 5 in our school :) Hope i will win this so that my new year resolution last year will come true ^^and i wish i can go to SNSD’s upcoming concert here in Philippines and To be more happier and study more harder :) <3 annyeong

    (i already post it @Faceook)

  • Phoebe Tzien

    nice. it’s coming to the end >< resolution? to collect whatever SNSD goodies =) was my resolution and will always be it =)

  • Larissa

    Really want to win, I love K-pop and love very much and GD & TOP would also be a great present for 15 years.

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  • BOSS 김

    Aww! I really hope you do well this year.
    Good luck!

  • BOSS 김

    I know! Hellokpop posts the most unique and best articles. Even if they’re on small things. I still want to know! :)

  • BOSS 김

    Honestly, your resolution is really touching.
    You seem like the perfect child. :’)
    I really wish you’re able to do all that.
    And I hope everything is alright with your family.
    Best wishes!

  • BOSS 김

    Yeah, I get that.
    Last year, I learned that I can’t really change others unless I change myself.

  • BOSS 김

    Well you see, I stopped liking kpop for a year. But then I came back suddenly, and I love it! I hope I always will.

  • Desmond

    Thank you!!

  • Desmond

    Haha!! Well I hope we both achieve what we want in our lives!! :)

  • Desmond

    Thanks so much!! Hope you will start to study hard! :D

  • Faria Gutierrez

    I know this man…

    He’s a man of his word!!!

  • Ria_Gutierrez

    Yeah, he’s determined…

    HELP this man for I know he’s deserving to win this contest…

  • Em Hyoyeon Reteracion

    GOD BLESS to all of us!!!

  • BOSS 김

    Oh wow!
    I have to say, what you wrote is very touching.
    I give you my best wishes for this year!
    I hope you have a great year.
    Good luck in fulfilling your resolutions.
    I’m sure you can do it.
    And oh yeah… SNSD fighting! :D <3

  • Em Hyoyeon Reteracion

    Awts…That’s so sad, but it’s okay. Even though you cannot like my comment, you were able to show your support for me…THANK YOU VERY MUCH EDWARD!!!

  • Em Hyoyeon Reteracion

    Thank you Miss Jennette…
    You’re so supportive in all the contestants that joined here…
    Thank you…

  • Em Hyoyeon Reteracion

    Thanks Alijah!!!

  • Phoebe Tzien

    change luck. hmm, that’s a tough job. but good luck =D

  • BOSS 김

    Why don’t you do a competition that doesn’t involve luck?
    Like submitting the best of something?
    There are plenty out there! :D

  • Phoebe Tzien

    normally humans are really hard to reach the goal of less eat meat. ’cause that’s food and that’s what human eat. so just eat.

    we can’t do anything when our parents are quarreling. that’s what they do. they’ll only argue ’cause they care each other.

    good luck saving your money. try a better way or a account book for that. it might help.

    good luck in your education and resolutions =D

  • Phoebe Tzien

    wow! if you’re not young and can drive and work, i think you can =D

  • Phoebe Tzien

    it’s pretty hard to achieve goals if you aim too high. start from the lowest. if wanna buy album, start from saving money, then go higher and higher. sometimes kpop cheers me too. good luck in your education and find a job for your student loans =)

  • Phoebe Tzien

    at least you achieve some. better than nothing =D good luck if you have any other resolutions =D

  • Phoebe Tzien

    doctor course is always difficult to pass. if you chose that, you need to work hard then =)

    you can diet, but don’t less eat. you can follow the food pyramid =D

    congrats for engaged. hope you’ll achieve your goals =) and good luck in your academic

  • Phoebe Tzien

    forget pains? just think of this ‘Forget the Past, Live in the Present and Be ready for the Future’ =D every human being do hope one day their idols will visit their country (even me). let’s just hope one day we’ll go there or they visit us =)

  • Phoebe Tzien

    sorry for hearing you have problems with diabetes. take good care =) hmm, good that you thought of being a doctor. many people will be thank you for helping them in the future. it was lucky you get to meet some bands.

    anyway, good luck =D

  • BOSS 김

    Haha… a big fan, I see? ^^;;

  • BOSS 김

    Wow, I’m glad you worked hard last year in HS, despite the resentment.
    Your resolution was really touching; I’m sorry someone so important to you died.
    Please stay in good health! :(
    And always remember to do the things that you love and the things that are important to you.
    Good luck! <3

  • BOSS 김

    Aww, I’m sorry. :(
    But don’t fret, there can be contests in the future that you can do! :)

  • BOSS 김

    Oh look, a fellow VIP! :)
    I hope you reach your resolution.
    Stay healthy, though!
    Best wishes~

  • BOSS 김

    Wow, you’re graduating this year! o: Congrats.
    But remember, the best person can be serious and silly at the same time. :)
    Good luck!

  • BOSS 김

    Aww. :|
    It’s so nice that you’re helping your mom get money.
    I hope everything works out for you.
    There’s no ktown or anything in uk at all?! D:
    Gosh. You need to bring in some more asian stuff. :P
    Good luck~ <3

  • BOSS 김

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say… I’m glad there’s another VIP out there. ;)

  • BOSS 김

    I know! I’m so glad there are so many VIPs out there, myself included. ><