Quiz: Which K-pop Girl Group Do You Belong In?

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OK, so you want to be a K-pop star, but which girl group would you belong in?

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This quiz first appeared on The One Shots.

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  • AJ

    Brown Eyed Girls!!! My favorite girl group :)

    • CatTheNappeunGigibe

      I’m more of a 2NE1 type o’ girl but I got the spunky BEG. Not bad. :)

  • Slooowy

    Lol, Girl’s Generation.. totally unexpected! xD

  • everybody sqalay!

    yessss 2ne1!!! this quiz is legit xD blackjacks are the best! gzb!

    • idontlikethisjossfoxgirl

      Ayy I got 2ne1 I love them to

  • saineko

    Wow Apink. Not bad

  • http://www.facebook.com/kiency.suarez Park Ki Yeon

    Sistar XD…… HAHAXD I expect, Girls Generation :) haha

  • Rae Huang Zitao

    brown eyed girls!!!! hmm seems legit!!!!

  • Jaye

    yay! i got 2ne1! :)

  • krystalle


  • nanabells

    I got A-Pink… xD lol not bad.. xD Hahaha trying to catch the eye of one of the SHINee boys.. xD that was perfect.. XD

  • ImmaSONE

    LOL! Girls Generation!! <3 UNEXPECTED!! XD My girls! <3

  • Sharlene Jaye Tobias

    I got Apink!!~ Yehey, I love them,…
    trying to catch of the SHINee boys was hilarious actually, I can’t stop giggling and laughing XD

    • Eugene Park

      I as well!

      One of my favorite groups~! ^^

  • ella

    girls generation haha </3

  • 고양이


  • http://facebook.com/KoreaRevolution Moon

    Girls Generation.. Unexpected but well why not ^^ (I wanted 2NE1)

  • Astrid

    2ne1!! My favor singer!!

  • Emy

    A Pink :)

  • jojo

    i got girls’ generation yAAAAAAs

  • Evilneverdies

    Yesssss im 2ne1 the only girl group i like

  • Chubypanda

    OOOO Brown eyed girls <3 They were one of my first K-pop girl groups I ever listened to!

  • Eric R

    I got 2NE1… I’m older so I figured I would get B.E.G but I’ll take the Queens

  • snsdforever9

    GG! <3 mu ultimate bias group ^_^

  • black dark

    it is true that jessica leave the gg?

  • LJY

    1ST I GOT SNSD 2ND I GOT APINK yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yehet! girls’ generation! <3

  • typicalgirl3010

    yay!im in girls generation!my favourite group!

  • Niken Chandra

    2NE1! YES!!!

  • Gisselle

    Girls Generation :)

  • esther

    i got Apink