FIESTAR has success with 3 public TV channel performances of ‘We Don’t Stop’

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On November 9, FIESTAR released their second single album, We Don’t Stopand during the past weekend, FIESTAR was able to be a part of 3 music programs on public television for their comeback stages.

Before the new album was released, as they revealed their concept teaser images and videos, their fans were looking forward to their new music. To keep their fans satisfied, they put on a more upgraded performance.

Their comeback stage for We Don’t Stop showed a powerful performance that was not like a rookie groups performance and left a good impression to the general public so far. Also, they are receiving compliments from the viewers for their unshaken live vocal skills with the dance moves that they have.

The people that watched their comeback stage commented, “I can’t believe FIESTAR is a rookie group, their skill is surprising.”, “The most skillful new idol group!”, “Skillful girl group born!”, “Appearance and skill both upgraded. FIESTAR is the best.”

FIESTAR will continue to be active in promoting their new song We Don’t Stop.

Source: News and photo – The Star

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  1. kahxjay

    February 6, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    bwahaha!! haha i think its funny and cute!! ^^ haha Heechul is soo funny. XD

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