IU reveals Japanese PV for ‘You and I’ + album info

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Korea’s little sister, IU, has released the full PV for her new Japanese single, You and I.

Back in March, IU released her first Japanese single titled, Good Day, and now, You and I will be her second single released in Japan. Both are Japanese versions of the hit Korean originals.

As reported earlier, the album will available in three different editions, with three different jacket covers: Type A, Type B and the normal edition. You and I is scheduled for release on July 18.

Check out the PV, tracklist and jacket covers below!

Type A – First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD)

01 You & I (Japanese Version)
02 少年時代 (井上陽水カバー)
03 You & I (Remix)

01 2012年4月~5月全国5大都市にて開催された「IU Friendship Showcase~Spring2012~」の模様を追ったドキュメンタリー
02 You & I -Making of Music Video-

Type B – First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD)

01 You & I (Japanese Version)
02 少年時代 (井上陽水カバー)

01「You & I」 (Japanese Version Music Video)
02 今年5月に韓国で公開された最新Music Video「Every End Of The Day」をフルサイズ完全収録 (約27分: 日本語字幕つき)

Normal Edition (CD only)

01 You & I (Japanese Version)
02 少年時代 (井上陽水カバー)
03 「You & I」 (Instrumental)


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