Who would have guessed? Neon Bunny takes a dark electro turn

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[An editorial of ‘Who Would Have Guessed’ 2012 series]

Last year, Neon Bunny created quite a sensation. She achieved critical success with her smooth and easy listening debut album Seoulight, which went on to win ‘Best Pop Album’ at the Korean Music Awards. The solo singer showcased her candid flavour through tracks such as Long-D, Come a Little Closer and Can’t Stop Thinking About You.


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 For her second album, comprised of only four tracks, Neon Bunny took a rather surprising turn. Gone is the innocent touch of Seoulight. If her lithe vocals are still impregnated with her saturnine nature, the harassing electro beat distorting each and every song makes them sound all the more haunting. From beginning to end, Happy Ending feels suffocating, foggy and unsettling. Just the opposite of her debut album, though the gear is sensibly the same. Optimism stepped down and loud bass just bursting out.

Plastic Heart

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 Through very little changes, Im Yu Jin, the ‘real’ name of Neon Bunny, has brought completely different colors to her musical canvas, to our exquisite delight. The 29-year-old singer continues to follow her own musical path, with a laudable artistic independence and versatility. And something tells me this isn’t the last time Neon Bunny will SURPRISE us.

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