Indie rock band Apollo 18 announces Canadian Tour

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When you think of Korean Indie, what groups come to mind? Drawing a blank? That’s highly understandable considering that there isn’t much of a focused attention, in major news outlets, on the genre. Some indie fans may believe this to be a serious injustice,  and so hellokpop is pleased to  introduce  the Korean Indie rock trio Apollo 18 and their upcoming Canadian tour!

Formed in  the summer of 2008, Apollo 18 boast a post-hardcore/post-rock hybrid sound that encompasses inspirations from across  rock’s ever-expanding sub-genres.  The trio, whose members include Choi Hyun-seok (vocals, guitar), Kim Dae-inn (vocals,base) and Lee Sang-yun on drums, bring to the table a unique blend of emotional lyrics tied with some seriously groovy instrumentation. Their sound is not only quite reminiscent of history’s greatest rock and roll artists, like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, but it also gives you the impression of something quite unique in its on rite.

The group has become one of the hottest acts to hit the Korean Indie scene in the last ten years, picking up major awards like the Hello Rookie prize of 2009 and the Rookie of Year award at the 2010 Korean Music Awards, and have released a total of six albums since their formation. Touring extensively, Apollo 18 has performed at many prestigious rock festivals such as  Seoul’s Green Plugged Festival and the Jisan Valley Rock festival, Japan’s famed Fuji Rock Festival,  and Taiwan’s  Beastie Rock Festival;  along with US appearances at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Texas and the Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival in Arkansas.

Their most recent album Black (released in 2011) featured songs written during that year’s US tour and was recorded in Japan. The tracks Corpse Flower  and Sonic Boom  were highly popular with fans,  and the latter even  garnered a nomination for the Best Rock Song at the 2012 Korean Music Awards in February.


Recently, Apollo 18 announced they would be embarking on a Canadian tour that will encompass four stops in Ontario and Quebec.  The dates and locations are as follows:

Sept. 19 : This Ain’t Hollywood : Hamilton, Ontario
Sept. 20:  Zaphod Beeblebrox  : Ottawa, Ontario
Sept. 21 :  Quai des Brumes [Pop Montreal] : Montreal, Quebec
Sept. 22 : Bovine Club : Toronto, Ontario

For more information on Apollo 18 and their up coming Canadian tour, check out their official page on Facebook or follow them on twitter. To hear more music from Apollo 18, check out their official page on SoundCloud.


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