U-KISS Showcase & Fan Party in Jakarta to be rescheduled

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2013 U-KISS Showcase & Fan Party in Jakarta which would be held on the 1st and 2nd of February has been rescheduled to the 26th and 27th of April . Bad weather that hit Jakarta recently is the main reason for the rescheduling of the event. Fears and concerns from the artists and the management about the conditions are raised according to the news they received from the media.

The reasons for the postponement are:

1. The bad weather and conditions have complicated the preparation of the events.

2. Fans and concert-goers may face difficulties to access to the event venue.

3. The current situation may cause some concerns that it is not right to hold a ‘party’ during times of difficulties faced by the country and the people, therefore NH Media and Oppa Oppa Live as the organizers decided to postpone this event to the 26th and 27th of April.

Kim Young Hoon, CEO of Oppa Oppa Live, said:

“It was a difficult decision because we realized how big the spirit and passion from UKISS  fans and also UKISS for this event to happen as planned. But after a long discussion, we agreed to reschedule the event for the safety and comfort of all parties and prevent the unwanted issues later.  We deeply apologize for this decision and ask for understanding, especially from fans who have supported and look forward to this event.”

To show their concerns for the flooding situation that has hit Jakarta, UKISS will auction their personal items and donate all the sales proceeds to the flood victims, as well as participating charity programs in Jakarta. Oppa Oppa Live also will donate Rp 10.000 for every ticket sold to help the flood victims.

Kim Young Hoon added:

“We will work closely with trusted organizations to ensure our donation reached the right hands. In addition, members of UKISS have also decided to come in and provide direct assistance.’’

UKISS hopes to inspire fans to care and share with those who are suffering from the current situation. More detailed pertaining to all related events will be explained in a press conference that will be held on January 31 with the artists and the managements.

Source: Direct Correspondence (Oppa Oppa Live Facebook Page)

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