2NE1’s Dara thinks Super Junior’s Donghae looks good?

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It seems like Lee Donghae has a new admirer, in the form of Sandara Park!

On April 4th, Donghae posted a photo of himself wearing an Iron Man costume, along with another tweet that says, “Tony stark ^^ We have to meet !”

A few minutes after the photo was posted, Dara tweeted Donghae and said, “It suits you well keke.”

The interaction received a lot of delightful reactions from the fans, as it is known that the two artists are from different groups and companies. With Super Junior being part of SM Entertainment and 2NE1 being part of YG Entertainment, it is quite rare for the fans to see interactions between the two groups.

It’s always nice to know that the artists are still able to maintain good friendships despite the hectic schedules and tight competition. What do you guys think about the interaction between Dara and Donghae?

Sources: Donghae’s Twitter (1,2) and Dara’s Twitter Photos: 슈퍼주니어(Super Junior) (1, 2), krungy21 and 2NE1 Translation: SJia13

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