BEAST finally releases ‘GOOD LUCK’ comeback MV and mini-album

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BEAST has finally released their comeback MV for ‘GOOD LUCK’. We’re loving this fresh new electro/R&B sound.

The title track ‘GOOD LUCK’ was written by BEAST’s Yong Junhyung and songwriter Kim Tae Joo.

‘GOOD LUCK’ tells a story about a man who wants his ex-girlfriend to be happy with her new-found love. Junhyung also produced the same titled mini-album with Kim Tae Joo.

Other songs on the mini-album included in “Good luck” are: “We Up,” “Dance With U,” “이젠 아니야,””Sad Movie (Korean version),” and이밤 너의곁 으로. 

The ‘GOOD LUCK’ mini-album was also released on June 16.

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