Who are the K-heroes of SNS? – Part 3: Instagram

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In the first two parts of the series we examined YouTube view counts and the number of Twitter followers, now it’s time to check the photo-maniacs on Instagram!

Who are the K-heroes of SNS? – Series:
1. Youtube
2. Twitter
3. Instagram
4. Facebook


#10. Taeyang

Bigbang‘s soulful vocalist sits at the 10th place of the top list, with 1,438,546 followers. He is a frequent poster and you can find cute photos and videos at his account, too. Here you can see him with Tablo‘s adorable daughter, Haru.

#9. CL

2NE1’s leader is a little ahead of her labelmate, Taeyang, with 1,505,912 followers. A badass girl would obviously have a badass Instagram account, but Chaerin proves to be not only full of swag but full of cuteness, as well, looking at her photos of cats, children, flowers – and this:

#8. TAO

EXO members are newcomers to Instagram, but already gained a huge follower base, practically taking over the middle section of this list. Tao boasts 1,739,202 followers, despite having only 20 posts. In his latest upload he is seen with two cute new friends:

#7. Baekhyun

Exo’s Baekhyun owns 1,815,936 followers, and this lands him on 7th place. Just like Tao, he only has a few photos in his account, his most recent one is a funny selfie:

#6. Sehun

Yes, we are still at EXO. 1,834,239 people follow Sehun’s photographical adventures, but it appears he hasn’t fully mastered shooting selcas yet.

#5. Kris

Kris Wu is right in the middle of our EXO-intrusion in the list, the member whose future is still unsure with regards to EXO-M, gathered 1,847,540 fans on Instagram. Since he filed the lawsuit against SM Entertianment, he has not posted anything, though.

#4. Chanyeol

EXO’s Chanyeol gathered 1,869,726 followers for his account, in his latest post he is seen sleeping in … a suitcase.

#3. Luhan

Bronze medal goes to EXO’s Luhan for his 1,909,172 followers; famous for his cute – albeit scarce – selcas.

#2. Taeyeon

The EXO-flood finally reaches its end with SNSD‘s Taeyeon claiming second place on the list, with a staggering 2,711,194 followers. Her account is a typical girly one, with lots of selcas, images of pets, food, flowers and make-up items.

#1. G-Dragon

The victor gives a nice frame to our list: we started out and finish it with BIGBANG. The band’s leader is at 3 million followers, and is quite a frequent poster. Just like as is the case with his Twitter account, you can find a lot fashion items here. He is so popular, even international superstars like Rihanna followed him there (until she deleted her account). Fortunately, he has not forgotten his cute side:

Who do you follow from the above accounts?

Photo sources: the respective Instagram accounts as seen above.

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