7 Mindblowing Kpop Choreographies (Male Groups)

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Kpop is widely known for its unique and unforgettable dance moves. From the hand rubbing and tutting of Super Junior‘s Sorry Sorry to the scorpion dance of Infinite‘s Before the Dawn, choreography has become more elaborate and striking over the years. Here are seven amazing Kpop choreographies by male groups that will mesmerise you and leave you in awe.

BTS – We Are Bulletproof II

BTS exploded onto the Kpop scene with its rigorous hip hop choreography, filled with remarkable stunts and precision. We Are Bulletproof best exemplifies the members’ strength and dynamism. The tight formations, unbelievable synchronization and the dance break showcasing three members with tricks, prove BTS’ versatility as a bold performer.

Concept Trailer also deserves a mention to show again the group’s powerful talents.


SHINee – Everybody

The SHINee members are renowned for their strong dancing abilities and sophisticated dance sequences. Everybody was no exception, and reinforced their powerful skills. The energetic introduction of waking up methods, the manipulation and motifs of alarm clocks and the intricate structures of the song’s rising climax show the group’s consistent cleverness for dances.


B.A.P – One Shot

B.A.P’s diversity of dances always seem to intensify every time a new single is released. One Shot unleashes great energy, strength and passion through the intricate floor sequences and powerful actions. One aspect that is definitely attention grabbing, but an elusive detail, is the footwork – the group makes these movements unbelievably effortless yet when it is tried, it can be difficult to perform.


VIXX – On and On

On and On is an inventive choreography with complex patterns so that if you blink for even a second, you would miss many moments of this fascinating piece. The dance is inspired by zombies and resurrecting motions which the members perform with great swiftness and control. VIXX creates a fresh approach of thrilling formations and zombie themed dancing.


U-KISS – Neverland

The lively and energetic dance of Neverland showcased the members’ intense agility and willpower to perform the sequences with rare moments to stop. The passion and spirit of the dance are generated perfectly by the members. Although the actions are shown to be high-spirited and need extreme endurance, the members perform the dance with incredible ease.


TVXQ – Catch Me

TVXQ executes the dance sequences of Catch Me with rigid sharpness and energetic spirit. The crafty formations and shapes that are used, never fail to fascinate. The brilliance of this choreography is that it continuously changes. There is scarce repetition of movements and therefore it continues to capture our attentions.


2PM – Heartbeat

VIXX was not the first group to introduce the zombie walking concept in its routine. This 2PM classic is one of the most unforgettable dances in Kpop history. From the alive and pulsing heartbeat gestures, the zombie side-walk and the ‘running man’ move, the extraordinary creativity of the dance still continues to amaze nearly five years after its release.

What do you think of these dances? Do you agree with this list or are there any other choreography that amazes you? Sound off in the comments!

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