Breaking: 2NE1’s Park Bom hit with drug smuggling allegations

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Various reports from Korea have alleged Park Bom was caught with smuggling illegal substances today.

StarDaily, EDaily and KBS News reported that Bom tried to ship 82 amphetamine pills in October 2010 to South Korea, but was caught by Korean customs at Incheon Airport.

It is alleged that the 2NE1 singer tried to smuggle the pills from the United States through international mailing.

Park Bom’s drug smuggling case was registered by a prosecutor, but she was not charged for the drug-related crime. The case was closed soon after.

YG Entertainment has said they are holding an emergency meeting to verify the reports. They will soon release a statement.

Amphetamine is an illegal substance in the United States.

They are stimulant drugs, which means they speed up the messages travelling between the brain and the body and are usually the same substance as speed.

Source: StarDaily, EDaily, KBS News


Park Bom’s drug case dropped because she had a prescription. Read more here.


A Korean media is reporting that Park Bom’s drug scandal may not be true.

According to Sports Seoul, it could be related to the old 2011 rumours that Park Bom did drugs, which was proven to be false.

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Why would 2NE1 Park Bom use amphetamine for? Read here.


‘Roommate’ is currently holding an emergency meeting to discuss about Park Bom’s appearance on the show.

“We held an emergency meeting after the staff learned about Bom’s news… We are currently sorting out our position on the matter… There is nothing that can be said at the moment. We are currently talking it over.”


Netizens are calling for Park Bom to ‘retire’ and be thrown in jail. Read more.


YG has personally release a statement about Park Bom. He wrote that she was given a prescription in the States after a traumatic event. Read more here.

More to come, as this story develops.


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