Breaking: EXO Kris reportedly dating 40 year old film director

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Kris, former leader of EXO-M, is reportedly dating Chinese actress and director Xu Jinglei.

Xu Jinglei, who is 40 years old, is the director of Somewhere Only We Know, the film in which Kris,  was revealed to be a cast member last month. It is alleged that she has liked Kris since EXO’s debut.

At that moment, the age was a problem, but there was no other way than falling for him,” the anonymous source said.

“And even though they have 16 years of age difference, Kris is relying on Xu Jinglei as well.”

The truth of Kris and the director’s relationship is supposedly well-known to entertainment officials in China.

It is also reported that Xu Jinglei helped him break away from SM Entertainment.

The rumours were sparked by a tip-off from a Chinese entertainment official to Korean media outlet Sportsworld.

Kris filed a lawsuit against his agency in May.

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Source: Sportsworld; Photo (1); Translation by Hyerim Kim



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