What Is So Different About K-pop Compared To Other Music?

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K-Pop industry vs Pop industry

Some of us have been K-pop fans for many, many years. Before we were even K-pop fans, we must be fans of some other music, right? As we let ourselves slowly absorbed into this Asian music, we tend to miss the turning point why we don’t like what we used to like now. In fact, most K-pop converts are largely fans of English pop, especially from the US. So what happened?

Offering Idols That Fans Love

K-Pop is not about offering music. It’s also about offering the idols — individuals that fans love. Individuals basically tune in to American pop in light of the fact that they probably like the melody. For K-pop fans, they appreciate K-pop mostly because they cherish the idols.

Everybody has their most loved part, who just looks particularly attractive, charming and hot in certain themed outfits for each new music video. This then resulted a K-pop fan, who will watch that particular music video more than 20 times each day so as to try to lift the number of views to more than 20 million in one week.

The most recent example has to be BTS’s Jin, when he was unofficially given a new nickname by a non K-pop fan on Twitter for being “handsome”.

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K-pop Music Videos Triumph Over Western

Non K-pop fans think that American pop is appealing. However, that might be because they haven’t sufficiently heard about K-pop. What’s more, the music videos. K-pop music videos are highly dramatized with high level of blasting creations.


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Some K-pop recordings are the best motion pictures you can ever watch. Take for example, Rain’s sensational hit back in 2006 “I’m Coming”, when he falls down from the helicopter with his angel wings.

As K-pop develops, the music (and form) of the global phenomenon co-joins components of Eastern and Western influences together. That makes K-pop more distinct and unique than American pop and other music. In this way, this also helps to grow the K-pop fandom in a particular non K-pop friendly country, when the music is fused together. For example, think the disbanded 2NE1 member CL.

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The list of arguments and reasons can go on and on as everyone can be a unique music lover. But what were discussed as above are probably the strongest reflections that make the difference.


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How about you? Why do you like K-pop? Why are you even a K-pop fan now?

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