2014: Kpop wishes for the new year

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It’s 2014  And you know what that means, right? New things that are bound to happen, new friends to get to know, new recipes to try out and new movies coming out. For Kpop fans it means new releases from our favourite idols and new groups to come onto the Kpop stage. Everyone has their own New Year’s resolutions – as have I – and so, without any further ado: here are my Kpop wishes for the new year! (This time I’ve added some suggestions by hellokpop staff as well.)

~ Minzy gets a solo


Yes, yes, I know: it’s getting old. I’m always asking for a Minzy solo. But I can’t stop now, can I? Because 2NE1‘s loveable maknae still hasn’t gotten one. Minzy is a very talented woman, and I would like to see all her talents showcased, not just her dancing. I’d like her to put out some ballads, hip hop or R&B, to let us enjoy her mature voice. Maybe a rap song here and there, to spice things up.

In my opinion Minzy can do anything, and I for one would like her to get the opportunity to dazzle us with her abilities. Besides, isn’t it about time? All the other 2NE1 members have gotten solos, so why not Minzy? She deserves it and I think she would honestly knock it out of the park.

~ More solo albums from individual group members

Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977).

I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist. Let’s move on, shall we?

I have this thing about solo albums: whether they are good or not – which is always a matter of taste – I like them. Solo albums of individual members of a group make me feel like I get to know about that particular person, without having to take the group image into consideration. Listening to a solo album (to me) means catching a glimpse of the person beneath the persona.

Even if the artists themselves have no actual creative input in the solo album, it still feels more like ‘them’ than the albums of the group. Of course, if they have a hand in the solo album, it’s even better. Then you really get to see the artists for who they are, what kind of music they love to create, what kind of music videos they like to shoot.

As a casual fan of many groups, I want to get to know each and every member, as to not view the group as just a lump of faceless people, but as a unit comprised of many individuals. Solo albums are a great tool to satisfy this urge.

~ A SS501 comeback (suggested by Nicole Lent)


SS501 still hasn’t made a comeback, even though it was promised to its fans since 2010. But it’s 2013, and there hasn’t been a comeback, or even rumours about a comeback. Promises should be kept, shouldn’t they? And it’s not like the members of SS501 didn’t split amicably. They are still friends, right? So why isn’t this happening already?

Sure, the individual members might have a lot of things on their plates and can’t fit it in their schedules. But the least they could do is let the fans know why it’s delayed. Because fans are getting discouraged. And I don’t think the members of SS501 want that.

~ SPICA goes big


And another repeat. SPICA is just such a talented group, yet the members haven’t really come into their own just yet. They are still trying to figure out who SPICA is and what they stand for. Which isn’t so strange: they haven’t been operating in the Korean music scene for very long as a group.

But I believe that with the help of their senior Lee Hyori, the girls can really become a household name in Kpop. A group so talented should not go to waste, should not roam on the outskirts of the Kpop world. They have it in them to climb to the top and I would like to see them reach it, and then go beyond everyone’s expectations.

~F(x) gets official fan club name (suggested by Rihanna Isabel Rigor)


F(x) fans, I feel your pain! F(x) has been active for a number of years now, and its fans still haven’t got a official fan club name? That’s just not right. How can you feel a part of something if that something doesn’t have a name yet?

I think this should really take a priority for SM Entertainment when they bring back the girls. Their comeback – whenever that will be – should be coupled with the revealing of the official fan club name. Fan clubs and their names and colours are so important and prominent in Kpop, F(x) fans shouldn’t be left out and neglected.

~ Dara stars in Korean drama (suggested by Rihanna Isabel Rigor)


Before Sandara Park was in 2ne1, she was an actress. Arguably she is still an actress – but why haven’t we seen her in Korean dramas already? I mean, 2ne1 isn’t doing anything right now, and the time between comebacks usually is a bit long, so there should have been plenty of time for Sandara to snatch a role – main or supporting – in a Korean drama.

Whatever reasons she’s not currently acting, I hope to see her in a Korean drama soon.

~ Availability of concerts outside Asia (suggested by Nicole Lent)


Non-Korean fans will know exactly what I’m talking about when I mope about Kpop concerts and their availability. It’s quite rare to hear about Kpop artists having concerts (or fan meetings) outside Asia. And when they do have a so-called “World Tour”, the stops are usually only in North America.

For everyone else who doesn’t live in Asia or North America, it’s actually pretty annoying that we can’t seem to our favourite Kpop artists’ concerts. Don’t we count? Are we not real fans? I remember that when JYJ held their concert tour and visited Berlin, I took a seven-hour train ride (and a nine-hour ride back)  from the Netherlands to see them. And trust me, I am not usually that eager to go anywhere – especially when it takes longer than two hours. But it would probably be my only chance to see those guys performing in real life, so I decided to go for it.

I’d like to see Kpop artists to expand what they consider to be “the world” and to think about all of their fans who might not live near a metropolis or a capital in Asia or North America. We are here too and we would also like to see our favourites perform live, don’t you agree?

~ Reunion concert with first generation idols (suggested by Yna Paulene Arellano)


A concert with Shinhwa, FinK.L, Sechs Kies, H.O.T, S.E.S, G.O.D, Baby V.O.X and more first generation idols, how does that sound? I’d say it sounds pretty amazing! This would definitely be an event to remember. It’s a bit of a throwback to the beginning of Kpop and the songs and sounds that evolved from that period.

It gives the first generation idols the chance to show off that they still got it, and it gives more recent Kpoppers the chance to see how it all started. And with whom. These first generation idols are still quite the inspiration to the newer batch of idols – solo artists and groups. So wouldn’t it be fun to see them performing their greatest hits, together with all the other first generation idols of that era? I know I’d like to see something like that someday.


So what are your wishes for the Kpop year of 2014? Sound off in the comments below!

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