13 Moments We Can’t Wait To See At SEVENTEEN’s “Ideal Cut” In Manila

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The night will be hotter than day as SEVENTEEN heats up Manila this September!

South Korean boy group SEVENTEEN is coming back to Manila for the staging of its Ideal Cut concert at SM Mall of Asia Arena on September 29.

S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino will treat Philippine Carats to a memorable one-night-only show featuring their greatest hits and stunning live performances.

As we countdown to D-Day, allow Hellokpop to give you a rundown of 13 moments we can’t wait to see at SEVENTEEN’s Ideal Cut in Manila!

#1 We don’t wanna cry but OT13 in Manila will get us all teared up TBH.

No matter how much we get to see SEVENTEEN with all its members on screen, seeing it before our own eyes will always be emotional no matter what. Starting from their pre-debut years to their debut showcase and now that they are one of the hottest boy groups in the world, S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino have run together towards their dreams. To witness their teamwork live will always be sentimental and definite proud moment for every Carat.


#2 What’s good? S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon delivering sick raps as Hip Hop Team

The rap line of SVT is no joke. Have you heard the mighty track, “Lotto”?

Now I’m on my way to whatever’s waitin’/뭐가됐든 go straight (go straight)/ Fxxx what they’d be talkin’ ’bout (Fxxx they talkin’ ’bout)/Their opinion doesn’t count like ooh

They have gifted us with mixtapes and tracks including “Check In”, “Trauma”, and “What’s Good”, the latest offering from the group’s fifth extended play, You Make My Day. There is so much to look forward to from the Hip Hop Team.

Want more? Here’s the unit’s special stage at this year’s KCON LA.  (Yes, that thumbnail).

#3 We are going up yeah oh my god with awe-inspiring stages by the Performance Team

We don’t think we need to elaborate on what the Performance Team has in store for Philippine Carats. It’s Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino in the first place — the backbones of SVT’s performances.

Still, seeing these four take the spotlight will be a sight to behold. They impressed us with “Lilili Yabbay”, “Highlight”, “OMG”, Jun and The8’s “My I”, and now, “Moonwalker”.

#4 Vocal Team coming to us with sweet vocals and on-point harmony.

Up until now, we are still perplexed that SVT’s vocal team has not dominated Korean drama’s original soundtracks. Come on, “Pinwheel”, anyone?

The unit is composed of highly talented singers with their own color, making them well-balanced and in perfect harmony when they sing their tracks including their most recent unit songs, “Don’t Listen in Secret” and “Come to Me”.

#5 Screaming “SEVENTEEN right here” in “Clap”

S.Coups should be on his toes because Philippine Carats are about to snatch his signature “SEVENTEEN right here” introduction for “Clap”, the lead single of the group’s second studio album, Teen, Age. We can’t wait to clap along with the members too!

#6 Trying really hard to perfect that rap part, we mean fan chant, in “Thanks”

We tried doing the fan chant for “Clap” and we can’t perfect it already. So, we are sending our good luck to all Philippine Carats as they try to say all members’ name in that limited time.

But to be honest, aside from our jaw-dropping thanks to the impressive choreography and performance of SEVENTEEN in “Thanks”, we may also get astounded by the perfect fan chant of Carats actually! Wanna try “Highlight” too, guys?

#7 Just see the boys in a refreshing and cool stage of “Oh My”

After snatching wigs in previous releases, “Clap” and “Thanks”, SVT got Carats going “awww” as the members shed their charismatic and powerful performance for a more laid back comeback with “Oh My”. We are so ready to shoot for the stars with the boys come September 29.

#8 The Stage Design That Will Highlight SEVENTEEN’s Performances

In every concert, every performance is upgraded with the help of stage designs and overall stage layout. We are excited to see how the stage design of Ideal Cut will up the atmosphere and what special effects will make our heart beating out of our chests in excitement and anticipation.


The boy group during the “Ideal Cut” in Seoul

#9 Carats and Their Expression of Love for SVT — Fan Projects

As early as the announcement that SEVENTEEN is indeed coming to Manila, the local fans of the boy group has already worked up their creativity to think of special projects to make the concert as memorable as it is for them as to the members.

#10 We Can’t Wait to Adore the Rose Quartz and Serenity Ocean

Rose quartz and serenity, the official colors of SVT, will surely dominate the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Last year, the members were utterly impressed at the ocean created using Carat Bongs wrapped in Japanese papers. We can’t wait to see how Philippine Carats will color the arena with their colors this time.

#11 The Queen of Lightsticks, Carat Bong, Emanating Its Beauty At the SM Mall of Asia Arena

We can’t help but gush over at how beautiful Carat Bong is on its own. But have you seen the upgraded versions of the lightstick? Well, see it here: 17 Times SEVENTEEN’s Fans Prove Carat Bong Is The “Queen Of Aesthetic”

Still, if you are without a Carat Bong on concert day, do not fret. Your cheers will be loud enough to fill the boys with so much light!


During “Ideal Cut” in Seoul

#12 Those Heart-warming Love Letters a.k.a Ments by SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN members are the sweetest. We have actually lost count of how many Carats have been proposed by S.Coups. But really, kidding aside, the members have always find ways to reach out to fans and relay their gratitude. They are not even letting fans be thirsty for content because it now overflows.

That is why, the ments, especially the final talks of the members, will be a time to listen carefully and with attentiveness as they are saying something important and sweet for sure.

#13 Falling for the boys as they deliver their prepared Filipino words

We are excited to find out how much the members have improved their Filipino vocabulary since their last visit. Can we get a “nakakapagpabagabag”? *winks


With less than a month to Ideal Cut in Manila, we know you are beyond excited to see SEVENTEEN live on Philippine concert stage again. Share with us what performance or moment you can’t wait to see or experience on September 29.

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