The 2020 APAN AWARDS Are Postponed In Light Of Stricter COVID-19 Precautions

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All APAN AWARDS Ceremonies come to a halt due to stricter COVID-19 social distancing rules across South Korea.

Both the 2020 APAN STAR AWARDS as well as the 2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS have been halted. The delay comes as the metropolitan areas of South Korea move into stage 1.5 of social distancing. The 2020 APAN STAR AWARDS is an integrated drama award ceremony hosted by the Korea Entertainment Management Association. Moreover, the association planned to also launch its first K-pop ceremony, the 2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS. However, organizers decided to also postpone this event.

Many were eagerly awaiting the 2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS which was the first integrated music awards ceremony of its kind. The event would honour those across the K-pop industry, recognizing leaders related to the popular culture and arts planning industry. Organizations involved included the Korean Entertainment Producers Association, Korea Music Industry Association, Korea Federation of Popular Culture and Arts Industries, and the Korea Management Association.

Regarding the delays, the organizing committee stated, “Social distancing with respect to the metropolitan area was upgraded to 1.5 steps. It was decided to postpone the schedule according to that standard.”

Seoul moves to stage 1.5, which prohibits public concerts and events in venues hosting more than 100 people.

Moving Forward

Organizing committee Chair Kang Min expressed his disappointment. He stated, “As COVID-19 spreads rapidly in the Korean community, we deliver deep condolences to the people who continue their daily lives in fear and discomfort. It is a pity to postpone this awards ceremony, which was to encourage and congratulate people in the popular culture and arts industry. It is inevitable to decide to postpone as it is our top priority to protect the health and safety of pop culture artists, staff, and people concerned.”

Furthermore, Executive Chairman Son Sung Min added, “We will closely observe the trend of COVID-19 in the future, establish a method to thoroughly observe the relevant quarantine measures and preventive quarantine management guidelines, and then adjust the schedule. We will do our best to ensure safety so that it can be a more successful awards ceremony.”

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