4 Guitar Covers By Sungha Jung That Capture Four Stages Of Falling In Love

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One Sungha Jung, one guitar, but a variety of engrossing music to choose from!

Guitar wonder Sungha Jung is on his way to enjoy love month festivities with his fans in Sungha Jung Live in Philippines 2018.

The skilled guitarist is poised to serenade Filipino fans in two separate days in Cebu on February 9, and in Manila on February 11. He is expected to showcase amazing tracks from his 2017 album Mixtape, which includes a variety of song genres that have successively influenced him as a talented musician.

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The talented guitarist rose to fame as an internet sensation, and has now over 4.8 million YouTube subscribers. He makes sure to interact well with his fans by actively updating his YouTube channel.

Sungha Jung has a long list of memorable collaborations with local and international performers, including G-Dragon, 2NE1, Narsha, Jason Mraz, and IU.

Listen to Sungha Jung’s upbeat guitar magic in IU’s “Autumn Morning” music video:

We are sure you enjoyed that ear-pleasing melody, so we have checked on Sungha Jung’s YouTube channel to scout on his love song guitar recordings, which essentially capture the perfect music of those moments of being in love.

1. Sungha Jung – “On Cloud Nine”

The catchy notes make you think of a young man who is excited to do his first love confession. The bright tones makes you remember those days when you recklessly fall in love without weighing on any reasons, but being happy.

2. Sungha Jung – K-drama “Goblin” Medley

The flashy beat streaks the smooth flow for this famous K-drama OST cover track. It lets you feel the satisfying bliss and assurance of having been able to find your destined love.

3. IU – “Through the Night”

Sungha Jung takes you to that reality of biting 3AM moment when you hope that someone you care for is by your side. The gliding music lets you feel that agonizing longing of missing someone whom you love.

4. G-Dragon – “Untitled, 2014”

The light strokes of the song verses highlight the strong points of the chorus. It makes you feel melancholic about missing a chance to have the love of your life.

Listen and witness more amazing rhythms by scheduling a one-of-a-kind Valentine date with your loved ones accompanied by Sungha Jung’s amazing guitar music.

Sungha Jung Live in Cebu 2018 will be held at J Centre Convention Hall, while his Manila show is at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila.

Tickets for the Manila and Naga concerts are now available from Ticketworld. They are priced at Php 3,800 for SVIP, Php 3,200 for VIP, Php 2,000 for Gold, Php 1,500 for Silver, and Php 1,000 for Bronze.

SVIP tickets holders are each entitled to an autographed CD and a photo with Sungha Jung, while VIP tickets are inclusive of an autographed CD only.

For more details, you can visit Wind Strings Music Facebook page or its website at www.WSM.asia.

The Sungha Jung Live in Philippines 2018 is brought to fans by Wind Strings Music and Resorts World Manila, sponsored by Naga Guitars and Singa Guitars.

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