5 Gifts That JOYFULs Wish For JBJ’s 1st Fan Meeting In Manila

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JBJ looks forward to meeting Philippine Joyfuls for the first time this January.

Idol miracle boy group JBJ gears up to welcome the new year with their Filipino fans at JBJ 1st Fan Meeting in Manila “Come True” at KIA Theater on January 14, 2018.

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Mnet’s survival show Produce 101 Season 2 was a definite roller coaster ride of emotions as 101 aspiring talents compete for the 11 spots in a temporary project boy group (now known as Wanna One).

After the popular Mnet’s survival project boy group show ended, the fans imagined contestants that were eliminated would work together as their dream group. Through the love and clamor of Produce 101 Season 2 fans, JBJ eventually debuted in 2017.

With efforts from the trainees’ agencies, Kenta, Taehyun, Longguo, Hyunbin, Donghan, and Sanggyun officially debuted through the release of their first EP – Fantasy.

Known for their handsome visuals and sharp dance moves, the group will be promoting in a seven-month period (although it is recently hinted for possible extension). But before the idol miracle group says goodbye as JBJ, Philippines is lucky to be one of their overseas venues for their fan meeting at the KIA Theatre.

JBJ Fan Meeting In Manila

Since the fan meeting is nearing, we are sure Joyfuls are anticipating the sweet gathering they will be sharing with their idols. And we are also sure that fans can’t stop thinking about the night that their dream of meeting JBJ will finally come true.

In anticipation of the coming event, we took initiative to prepare a “wishlist” which we hope that will really come true at JBJ 1st Fan Meeting in Manila “Come True”!

1. Exciting Dance Party

Produce 101 Season 2 was not always heartbreaking. It was a show that gave the audience the opportunity to discover talents. And the members of JBJ did not disappoint.

Taehyun and Donghan’s group stunned the audience with Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” dance cover during the position battle in Produce 101 Season 2.

It would be nice to see JBJ perform it together on stage with a swag, as well as other intense dance performances they prepared.

While we count down to the boys’ landing in Manila, shall we look back at Taehyun’s and Donghan’s stage of “Shape of You”?

2. Fun Trademark Variety Show Games

Donghan confessed how his future plans lean on trying on variety shows.  His quick-to-laugh nature definitely fits in.

It would be entertaining if the rest of the boys try on funny variety show games with their fans during the concert. It could be a simple game of charades or giving them a trial of Pinoy Henyo or Cash-ya as inspired by local variety shows.

3. A Fantasy Mini-concert Stage

From on-point dance prowess, sleek raps and honeyed singing voices, JBJ is a complete package!  Frosting it with their manly charm and handsome faces, it’s definitely going to be a knockout stage.

JBJ’s Fantasy album boasts catchy pop singles “Fantasy” and “Ride With Me”. The other two tracks – “Say My Name” and “As If In A Dream” highlight amazing harmonies with hints of R&B. The flashy dance routines from the group’s music videos can rival that of any established boy group’s trademark dance moves.

We are sure that fans are looking forward to seeing the boys perform their hit songs live on the stage. Watch their “Say My Name” performance below.

4. A love song serenade

I know right, it does not fit the bill, but girls can dream. If the boy group gets tired from their usual elevated showcases, we hope to see them on a laid-back love song cover to set their fans’ hearts on a spell.

As crooners of the group, Longguo and Kenta have contrasting attitude. Longguo is cheerful and outgoing, and is acknowledged unanimously by younger JBJ’s for his eccentric fashion statement. He is also the other half of Choon Entertainment’s duo Longguo & Shihyun which debuted in July this year.

Japanese trainee Takada Kenta was praised by Produce 101 mentors for his discipline and politeness during the training camp. Aside from scoring photoshoots, he has collaborated with the OST of MBC’s revenge crime drama Lookout.

With Longguo and Kenta’s soothing singing voices, it is expected that the magical moment will make Joyfuls smiling in their dreams.

5. A lasting memory for JBJ and Joyfuls

For the fans who made it possible for the group to achieve their dream debut, it will be a lingering memory to cheer for the hardworking idols who have been giving them a source of inspiration. On JBJ’s end, they will be reminded to return the love they have been receiving by working hard as a team.

Aside from active interaction with their dream boys, we hope to hear them share funny anecdotes when they were growing up as well as a fun speed quiz to get to know them more.


Fans will get the opportunity to hi-touch with JBJ members. Group photos, artist polaroid selfies, autographed CDs, and signed posters will also be given based on the ticket types. All attendees will receive a free poster.

Buy your tickets now and be part of a memorable January night! Tickets to the fan meeting are priced at Php 7,500 for SVIP, Php 5,500 for VIP, Php 3,000 for Gold, and Php 1,500 for Silver. Tickets are available via Ticketnet and outlets nationwide.


JBJ 1st Fan Meeting in Manila “Come True” is brought to fans by All Access Productionand HM Entertainment in partnership with CJ E&M, LOEN Entertainment, and ARTSRO Co., Ltd.

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