AKMU Smoothly Navigated Their Way To Fans’ Hearts In Successfully Sold-Out Seoul Concert

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The over two-year wait for AKMU to hold their next concert has been more than worth it.

Using their hiatus as a springboard for growth, AKMU satisfied the audience with songs of joy and powerful lyrics on their latest concert titled AKMU [Voyage] TOUR IN Seoul.


Held at Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Palace on December 14 and 15, the concert saw a huge success with both days marked as sold-out, showing the huge anticipation by fans for a concert from the sibling duo.

Standing in front of the audience for the first time in so long, AKMU wiped away the feelings brought by such a long wait for their first concert after two years all at once with a high level of perfection in all of their performances.

Bringing on the hits from their third full-length album Sailing, the concert was filled with performances featuring changes and growth of the duo who changed their team names from Akdong Musician to AKMU and wrote an epic poem with their career.

Sailing To Fans’ Hearts

Inviting audiences to their voyage, the duo served as a crew inviting the audience to their brilliant sea of music, beginning with a VCR titled “Dream Navigation Guide” which added to the fun concept of Sailing.

The concert, which opened with “Fish In The Water”, saw a showcase of famous songs from even before AKMU’s official debut up to their newest full-length album. On top of that, the duo’s music was given an even better feel by the top-level accompaniment from a big band jazz arrangement which contained a mixture of bands and string instruments.

Of course, their latest album’s title track “How Can I Love The Heartbreak, You’re The One I Love?” was the highlight of the day. The duo, who resumed their career for the first time in more than two years with Lee Chan Hyuk’s enlistment, received great love this year that transcends their hiatus with the song.

Showing how it serves as one of the top songs of 2019, the audience filled the concert hall with their voices as they sang along with the duo, who was more than thrilled for the warm response. On the stage of “FREEDOM” as well, which was performed in the second half of the concert, the audience all stood up and danced together to raise the energy inside the hall.

Solo Stage and Surprises

Showcasing their individual growth, Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun also prepared special solo stages for the concert.

Using her mellifluous voice, Suhyun stood out like a Disney princess as she endowed the audience a medley of animation film OSTs, sweeping the audience away to a fantasy world. She showcased her ever-versatile vocals on her performances of “When You Wish Upon a Star” from the film Pinocchio to Aladdin‘s OST “Speechless”.

Meanwhile, Chan Hyuk chose to sing Coldplay’s “Fix You” and staged an enthusiastic performance with a guitar in hand and giving off a dreamy yet explosive sound.

Along with the solo stage, they made a surprise release of the unpublished song “Love Loss” which was heard at the concert for the very first time ever, delivering a special gift to the audience. The song, which is full of AKMU’s own colors, heralded the emergence of another hit which made the audience hold their breath.

Closing Thoughts

As it was their first concert after such a long time, the duo couldn’t help but have a burst of emotions. Recalling how important the tour is for him, Chan Hyuk said, “For me, my immediate dream was a concert. It was so important that I thought, the third album [promotions] would only be over after a concert”. He also raised the mood by expressing his strong relationship with his fans in a unique word, “Jjambagi.”

“We’ve been playing music constantly, but there was a lack of ability to show you this music live,” Su Hyun said. “I saw what was important to me – and it was a concert, which makes you feel the most alive. I want to sing in front of you for a long time. I’ll sing until my life is done,” she added.

In return for the good music that the duo endowed, fans have also prepared presents for AKMU, who was moved by the slogan event “Sailing, Towards AKMU”. When the first encore was over, the slogan, which unfolded in unison, showed the fans’ deep affection for the two.

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