Apink Comes Back Strong After Bomb Hoax At Showcase

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It must be scary for Apink to keep getting threatened!

The pop iconic group Apink made a strong comeback at their media showcase after a bomb threat overshadowed the event on Monday.

A few hours before the event, the group was threatened by an unidentified person. The person claimed that the venue was rigged with explosives. However, police found no explosive trace after they swept the area carefully, securing the safety of the venue. The band decided to go on with the event even after the bomb scare, showing their strong determination to meet fans.


Apink at Monday showcase. (Yonhap)

During the event, Apink interacted with fans, and talked on various topics.

About the change of music in their new album “Pink UP”, the girls are reverting back to the old brand of their music. They said that the fans might feel similarity between their upcoming and old music. But the difference would still be there.

The latest lead track is called “Five”, which the girls suggested to their fans to count up to five, and take a rest during their busy routines. The song and the album on the whole promote the cheeky lyrics which Apink is famous, and as a breath of fresh air for their fans.

The group believes in carrying out their innocent and girly image due to the excessive image that other girl groups are portraying in the country. They said that they can convert their image but they will stick to the current image as it is liked by their fans.

Leader Park Chorong went on to mention about the death threat made against the group last month. She said that although it was a shocking event, they passed through it with their fans’ support. She thanked the people around the band that helped them return after such a dangerous threat.

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