ASTRO To Commemorate Five Years With AROHA In Digital Fan Meeting “2021 ASTRO AROHA Festival (Be Mine)”

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AROHA can celebrate five years of ASTRO during the group’s upcoming fan meeting called 2021 ASTRO AROHA Festival (Be Mine)!

ASTRO plans a delightful commemoration in honor of their fifth anniversary since their debut! The event, titled 2021 ASTRO AROHA Festival [Be Mine], is hosted by MJ Tonz and streamed through Bbangya TV. The broadcast will run live in 150 countries on the website at 5 PM KST on March 28. 


Reservations first began for AROHA part of ASTRO’s official fan club through YES24 at 12 PM KST on March 12. Meanwhile, regular tickets became available at 2 PM KST on March 15, through both Bbangya TV’s website as well as YES24. 

Fans can expect a wonderful event in store for the milestone. Fantagio Music stated, “You will be able to meet the ‘unreleased special stage’ that has never been seen anywhere.”

The platform for the live stream, Bbangya TV has hosted a variety of K-Pop concerts and fan meetings. Recently, the platform successfully broadcast the 2021 BBANGYA SPECIAL EVENT WITH WINNER by Kang Seungyoon and Song Minho, watched by fans from as many as 150 countries. 

Furthermore, MJ Tonz will collaborate with Fantagio Entertainment in hosting ASTRO’s upcoming fan meeting. The involvement of the global performance production company raises fans’ expectations even higher for the activities to come. 

Fan club pre-sale tickets and regular online tickets cost 33, 000 KRW. Additionally, an online ticket and MD bundle is available for 71, 500 KRW while the MD is available separately for 41, 800 KRW. 

Meanwhile, ASTRO will make their comeback on April 5 at 6 PM KST with their second full album, All Yours

AROHA can celebrate ASTRO’s fifth anniversary during their digital fan meeting on March 28 at 5 PM KST. 

Source: Xports News | Bbangya TV

Image and Video Source: MJ Tonz | Fantagio Entertainment