#YouAreInvited: ATEEZ Makes A Grand Return During Their Epic Three-Hour Digital Air Con Comeback Show

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ATEEZ makes their monumental comeback with a spectacular online concert hosted in collaboration with MyMusicTaste!

Global sensation ATEEZ celebrates their highly anticipated return by hosting a digital comeback show with MyMusicTaste. Spanning three hours, ATEEZ COMEBACK SHOW CONCERT AIR CON <ZERO : FEVER Part. 1>  was nothing short of remarkable. As a rising powerhouse in K-pop, ATEEZ’s event gave quite the indication that their success during this comeback will be exponential.


ATEEZ COMEBACK SHOW CONCERT AIR CON <ZERO: FEVER Part. 1> aired just one day before the group’s newest album release with ZERO: Fever Part. 1. The comeback show included a series of 11 impressive stages, a return to ATEEZ’s beloved office skit, a commentary on their “Diary Film”, and the results of their fan-vote.

The Fun

ATEEZ turned to a fan-vote to decide this album era’s title track, as they did last summer with TREASURE EP.3: One To All. ATEEZ thrilled fans by additionally returning to their beloved office skit to announce the results of their newest vote.

The members hilariously embraced their old office-worker roles, donning suits and making playful jabs at their “co-workers”. ATEEZ also played a series of games boasting their K-pop knowledge in a song quiz and choreography challenge. The games and skit concluded with the members voting between “INCEPTION” or “THANXX” as their title track.

As they supplemented the comeback show with their natural humor and moments of fond banter, ATEEZ brought a smile to every ATINYs face, excitedly embracing their upcoming comeback.

Important Revelations

Moreover, ATEEZ intrigued fans with commentary on their “Diary Film”. The group watched the film together, offering fans more explanations on their narrative world as well as providing fun behind-the-scenes stories of its filming.

Notably, ATEEZ provided several revelations to fans to help them understand their narrative world more accurately. Hongjoong explained that the hourglass seen at the beginning of the film is how ATEEZ travels through time. ATEEZ’s darker selves seen in the music video “HALA HALA”, are ATEEZ from another dimension. Furthermore, Hongjoong encouraged fans to view their upcoming release, ZERO: Fever Part. 1, as the narrative prequel to their TREASURE album series.

The members both surprised fans and warmed their hearts by explaining that the “Diary Film” also included personal connections to their own lives. Wooyoung discussed his real stage fright as a trainee, Yeosang touched on his father’s initial disapproval of his idol dreams, and Jongho spoke on the difficulties of balancing his passion for sports and his career goals.

The Stages

To kick off the festivities, ATEEZ began with the stage for “FEVER”, a track from their new album. Subsequently, the group moved on to perform older fan-favorites including, “WIN”, “HALA HALA”, “Wonderland”, “Promise”, and “Aurora”.

Finally, after nearly a month of an eager wait, ATEEZ thrilled their fans by performing “INCEPTION” and “THANXX”, both of which were up as contenders to be the album’s title track. The intense stages promise an exciting and successful comeback season for the group, who continue dominating charts domestically and globally.

Following the performances, ATEEZ officially announced the result of the fan-vote, naming “INCEPTION” as the gloriously crowned winner for the album’s title track.

ATEEZ bid their fans farewell with an emotional concluding setlist. For the first time ever, the group performed their heartfelt ballad, “With U”, followed closely behind by “THANK U”.

After the three hour event, the members expressed their heartfelt gratitude for their fans and promised thrilling stages to come.

Fans can re-watch the online concert by purchasing the video-on-demand, available on MyMusicTaste. Meanwhile, ATEEZ’s newest album ZERO: Fever Part. 1 releases July 29 at 6 pm KST.

Image Source: KQ Entertainment | OSEN | Sports Donga

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