ATEEZ Plans To Meet Fans Under The Moon With Online VLIVE Concert “Crescent”

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ATEEZ continues to reach out to ATINY during the Covid-19 pandemic by hosting an online fan meeting!

Many fans were left saddened by the news of The Fellowship: Map The Treasure World Tour postponement in the wake of the global virus outbreak. Notably, ATEEZ continues to reach their fans through various web content.

ATINYs can now gear up to watch ATEEZ perform once more! The group first released the news of a digital concert on their official Twitter account.

The event will occur on May 30th at 5:00pm KST, on the streaming platform VLIVE. The teaser poster alone exhilarated fans. Showcasing the online fan meeting’s name, “CRESCENT”, the concept images sparked ATINY’s curiosity.

One side of the poster utilizes sunrise shades of yellow and orange, a nod to their song “Sunrise”. Additionally, it shows an empty bed with a piece of fabric floating in the air. A faded crescent moon is seen subtly in the background, with the word “CRESCENT” written above it.

The other half of the image uses aurora-inspired colors such as blue, green, and yellow, inspired by their track “Aurora”. This side features a sky of stars and its focus is a picture of a full moon with the words, “BECOME A FULL MOON”, written below.

What to expect?

The online concert’s title, “CRESCENT”, has the definition meaning “new moon”. Moreover, it is the same word as an ATEEZ track found in their album, Treasure EP.3: One To All. 

“Cresent”‘s track description reads, “to present a new chapter” and its only lyrics state, “open your eyes”.

With this in mind, fans can anticipate that their concert may reveal hits about their ongoing storyline, or about the concept for their next possible comeback.

KQ Entertainment also reported to media outlets that ATEEZ actively contributed to the ideas for this fan meeting, wanting to communicate with fans and ensure the best time. This is ATEEZ’s gift to fans during the period of social distancing.

Most excitingly, the company hinted at the possibility of solo stages which ATINYs have yet to see from the group before. Teasing fans, KQ Entertainment promised a variety of content to display the charm of each member.


With their admirable efforts to stay close to fans, ATEEZ promise a fan meeting that will surely become a beloved memory for all.

Source: Sports Donga

Image Source: KQ Entertainment

Video Source: ATEEZ Official YouTube channel