‘Show Me The Money 5’ Champion BeWhy, Zico, Zion.T, Dean + Others Join Forces For Hip Hop Concert

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K-hip hop fans, this will be a big treat to you.

Hip hop concert The Monster #1 #2 are happening in September, with an exciting line up featuring Zico, Zion.T, Don Mills, BewhY, CJamm and more.

On first day of September 24, The Monster #1 (Bromance) will see a hot line up having Block B’s Zico, Zion.T, Dean, Don Mills, Nucksal, Samuel Seo and Minje at YES24 LIVE HALL.

On the 25th, The Monster #2 (Monster Show) will feature a few ‘Show Me The Money 5’ talented participants, including the recently crowned champion, BewhY, C Jamm, Seo Chul Goo, Reddy, G2, and uprising artist Babylon.

‘Show Me The Money 5’ wrapped up its show, with BewhY crowned as the champion, competing against C Jamm and Superbee. Female rapping show ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’ has also confirmed the airing date.

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