“BTOB in Jakarta 2018” Gifts Fans With Exciting Performances & Heartwarming Moments

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Jakarta will be missing you, BTOB!


“Delightful” is an understatement to describe BTOB in Jakarta 2018 fan meeting experience. Excitement, heartwarming moments, fan chants, and light sticks filled The Kasablanka Hall as Indonesian Melodies added an unforgettable meeting with their K-pop idols.

Read on to get a glimpse of how the amazing fan meeting was filled with melodious beats and spectacular performances from BTOB.

BTOB in Jakarta 2018

1. Set list


BTOB in Jakarta 2018 commenced with a performance of BTOB’s hit tracks, “The Feeling” and “Movie”. Other tracks sung during the event included “Summer Romance”, “Ice Breaker”, and “When It Rains”. The event’s track roster perfectly showcased the boys’ vocal strength, impeccable stage presence, and most importantly synergy. Onsite fans express elation from the wondrous song and dance numbers gifted by the boys.

2. Greetings

BTOB in Jakarta 2018

It feels amazing when a foreigner puts in much effort to converse with you in your very own language. And that feeling was apparent to Melodies last night. Phrases such as “kalian terbaik” (“you guys are the best”), “aku cinta kalian” (“I love you guys”), and “hati-hati di jalan” (“take care on your way home”) filled the members’ greetings towards Indonesian fans.

Reminiscing their previous visits to Indonesia, the members conveyed great enthusiasm as it is their first visit to Jakarta in years. Sungjae and Minhyuk expressed that they wished to return to Jakarta as soon as possible. Peniel also mentioned that although he and Sungjae visited Sumatra last year for Law of the Jungle, the fan gathering was extra special because of Melodies’ presence.

3. We Love You, Eunkwang!

BTOB in Jakarta 2018

Though currently on active military service duty, leader Eunkwang’s presence was felt in the venue. A video of Eunkwang’s handwritten message for BTOB’s followers expressed Eunkwang’s gratitude for taking time to support the event. He added how he wished to meet Indonesian fans too. In the video he also included Eunkwang’s signature cute reminders such as “do not forget to wash your hands” and “do not skip school”.

His band brothers assured fans that Eunkwang is currently healthy and doing well in the military thanks to the prayers and support sent by his faithful supporters. And that statement successfully made several fans tear up.

4. Encore

BTOB in Jakarta 2018

The most endearing and heartwarming take out from the fan meeting was the encore stage. After the members thanked onsite attendees for coming and spending an amazing time together, fans transformed to a choir and sang a touching rendition of BTOB’s recent track, “Missing You”.

The sweet song gift was compensated by BTOB members taking a short break only to return to the stage to send off the fans with sweet memories of them singing “Missing You” and “Finale: Our Concert”.

5. Melodies

BTOB in Jakarta 2018

Some Melodies traveled from different cities to Jakarta in order to meet their cherished idol group. Some rushed from work to catch the event. Regardless of the story, they all united to convey their love for the members — that made BTOB in Jakarta 2018 memorable beyond words.

Looking forward to your next visit to Jakarta, BTOB!

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