BTOB Invites Fans To “Welcome to BTOB’s Home” Fan Meeting This December

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MELODYs from all over the world will now get to see the BTOB members together on stage again as they finally announce their fan meeting happening this December!

Talented boy group BTOB is bringing a special year-end treat to fans by confirming their fan meeting, which will take place in December.

Cube Entertainment confirmed the exciting news via BTOB’s official SNS accounts on November 22, together with a fun and playful teaser poster.

Titled BTOB OFFICIAL FAN CLUB MELODY 4TH FAN MEETING [Welcome to BTOB’s Home], the group’s upcoming fan meeting will take place at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium, starting at 7:30 PM KST on December 31 and at 6 PM KST on January 1.

To accommodate global fans, the event will also air simultaneously through a separate online viewing page, which the agency will provide later on.

Making it more memorable, the special fan gathering will be held in celebration of the group’s achievements for this year and some of the member’s recent military discharge. These include releasing their Korean album 4U: Outside and Outsider.

While donning comfortable outfits fit for the autumn season, the charming members flaunted their timeless visuals and meaningful friendship in the teaser poster. Their facial expressions and sincere gazes indicate their excitement about meeting MELODYs again in person after a long time.


Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, BTOB OFFICIAL FAN CLUB MELODY 4TH FAN MEETING [Welcome to BTOB’s Home] will allow fans to communicate with the group in a much more personal manner. It will likewise serve as BTOB’s platform to deliver happiness and comfort to fans who all went through a hard time in 2021.

Known for their great singing abilities, the group will surely share unforgettable performances during the fan meeting.

Fans who have a membership can now purchase the tickets via Interpark. Meanwhile, regular attendees will have the chance to score passes starting on December 2.

Other details regarding the event are available for viewing on BTOB’s official social media accounts.

Source: Sports Donga

Photos from Cube Entertainment

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