BTS Members Open Individual Instagram Accounts

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The BTS members have officially launched individual Instagram accounts and are gaining followers faster than the speed of light. (ARMY, this is not a drill!)

Fresh off their “Permission to Dance” concert schedules in Los Angeles, USA, BTS will be abiding by the mandatory 10-day quarantine in South Korea. Meanwhile, the ensemble has made headlines once again with the launch of their individual Instagram accounts.

Photo from Big Hit Music

The seven-piece has shined 8 years in the entertainment industry without individual social media presences, but it looks like all of that has changed now. (Welcome to IG, Bangtan Boys.)

Fans have become accustomed to the boyband creating posts from their joint account, which is managed by Big Hit Music.  So, no one expected Jungkook, Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, and V to finally open their own accounts. BTS is just full of surprises, aren’t they?

BTS’ Personal Online Flair

If their independent Instagram accounts will not be managed by their agency (who really knows, right?), fans will surely get a glimpse into each members’ respective personalities.

Judging by their first 2 posts, it is already evident that the Bangtan Boys incorporated their own aesthetic into their feeds, and it’s bound to grow even brighter and more personalized over time.

Followers by the Millions

It’s been only 9 hours since the members simultaneously established their personal Instagram presence, but they are already gaining followers by the millions. So far, each of them have over 5 million ARMYs following their digital escapades on the social media platform.

If you aren’t following them yet, we have the links for you!:

Jungkook @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz

Suga @agustd

Jin @Jin

RM @rkive 

J-Hope @uarmyhope

Jimin @j.m

V @thv

We just have one favor to ask: Please don’t make Instagram crash, ARMY. Thanks!

BTS On Vacay

In other Bangtan news, Big Hit Music has released an announcement on Weverse, stating that BTS will be going on a short hiatus to spend the holidays with their loved ones for the very first time since their debut.

The K-Pop group will make a comeback in March for a concert in South Korea and to start preparing for a new chapter in their career.

We sense a new album in the making before they potentially head off to fulfill their military service. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy Instagram and your vacation after the mandatory quarantine, BTS!

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