BTS Overawes With Groundbreaking Virtual Event “Bang Bang Con The Live”

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Delivering a whole new level of virtual concert stage, BTS successfully ushered a new and refreshing experience to ARMY with their Bang Bang Con The Live.

A day after their 7th debut anniversary, BTS interacted with ARMYs through their online concert Bang Bang Con The Live.


BTS held Bang Bang Con The Live online on June 14 at 6PM KST and it lasted for a duration of about 100 minutes. The concept of this live show was to invite fans to the room of the BTS.

Adding to the fun was a moving stage decorated with various exciting elements, which enhanced the performances that were unfolded.

BigHit collaboration with Kiswe Mobile

Bang Bang Con The Live was conducted in collaboration with Kiswe Mobile, an American live streaming solution company that recently signed a business agreement with BigHit.

BigHit and Kiswe Mobile built a multi-view streaming system, so that fans could enjoy the performance by selecting the screen they want to see in real time from among six different multi-view screens that are played at the same time.

It ranged from close-ups where the viewers can see members up close as if they were making a video call, to full shots where they can enjoy gorgeous choreography.

Concert live stages

The stage design consisted of a total of 5 rooms and 2 stages, and it was arranged with a corridor to evoke the feeling of entering an actual room. Therefore, the stage gave a free and friendly experience throughout the concert.

BTS Bang Bang Con The Live

BTS moved around the room with their stages of “Dope”, “Boyz with Fun”, “Like”, “Just One Day”, “Jamais Vu”, “Respect”, “Friends”, “Black Swan”, “Boy with Luv”, “Go Go”, “Anpanman” and “Spring Day”. It was more vivid with six multi-view screens.

BTS also prepared a special gift for fans who have been waiting for the concert for a long time. The members said, “We have prepared to give a taste of the tour performance,” and staged “Black Swan” and “Boy With Luv”, which was reborn as a new performance.

Especially, “Boy with Luv” had a new composition, and the stage was made more bright by adding choreography using LED umbrellas that changed color in coordination with ARMY Bombs. This was special because it signifies that even if BTS members are apart from ARMY in the current pandemic, they are still connected through the ARMY Bomb.

Additionally, the unit songs “Jamais Vu”, “Respect” and “Friends” were sung at the concert for the first time. Through these song, the members presented a rich spectacle with exotic sets and stage costumes such as a colorful LED screen and bus stop concept.

Then they gathered in a room decorated like a music studio, and they sang freely some of the verses from “Ugh” and “Zero o’ Clock”.

Ending Ment

As BTS finished Bang Bang Con The Live, they delivered a message of thanks and cheer to ARMY.

J-Hope said, “I hope that you can feel our hearts that love the stage. We have prepared so hard for this. We are happy to perform and sweat on the stage.”

Next, Jimin told fans, “Even at this time without you, we are trying to grow ourselves together. I hope you can find things that can make you happier at this time, overcome them well, and meet with a smile.”

While Suga warmly voiced, “I am grateful that you are watching our performances and appearances from all over the world. Let’s meet again.”

Subsequently, V expressed, “I hope we will be able to perform at a concert soon. I want to see ARMYs with my own eyes.”

Thereafter, Jungkook commented, “We were able to showcase a strong performance because of the love we have received from all over the world, and I hope this stage will be another start for us.”

Then, RM continued, “We were so happy together, and we will definitely go to see you  when we get the chance.”

After that, Jin stated, “I am so happy and thankful that we got to be a part of a good agency and we are able to stay together for a longer time.”

The members then shared a group hug with each other and also left a big space for ARMY so that they can be a part of the group hug.

Lastly, BTS wrapped the concert even with their “Spring Day” performance.

BTS Bang Bang Con The Live

Fan responses to Bang Bang Con The Live

Fans also had hot reactions to the various gifts prepared by BTS. A total of 107 regions including Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and China watched this online concert.

The highest number of concurrent viewers during Bang Bang Con The Live was an impressive 756,600. This makes Bang Bang Con The Live the largest paid online concert held in the world.

Despite the difficulties in the industry due to COVID-19, BTS has gained a reputation for offering new possibilities through virtual live performances.

Source: Osen

Image Credit: BigHit Entertainment