Byeon Woo Seok is Grateful For Love and Support Received From Fans, Looks Forward To Meeting Filipino Fans

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Yesterday, Korean actor Byeon Woo Seok pleasantly surprised everyone by personally presenting flowers to all the media members present.

Hosted by Miss Kring Kim, Byeon Woo Seok made a notable appearance in front of the media ahead of his “Summer Letter” fan meeting scheduled for today at the New Frontier Theater. Then, he eagerly responded to questions from the press.

First time in the Philippines. He said it was a pleasant experience. He was surprised to see a lot of people come to the airport to welcome him.

First Visit to the Philippines X Future Roles x Fan Meetings

He expressed his excitement about being in the Philippines and was pleasantly surprised by the large crowd that welcomed him at the airport. He also learned new phrases like “Uwi ka na, hindi na ako galit” and “Padayon,” which means – “I’m not angry anymore, come home” and “moving forward,” respectively.

When asked about future roles, he shared, “Before I landed the Lovely Runner script, I wanted to try different genres. But after reading it, I fell in love with the script and the character of Sunjae. I enjoy romantic comedies and would love to do another one.”

Regarding fan meetings, Byeon Woo Seok said, “Traveling to different places is wonderful. It allows me to experience different cultures, which is very enlightening. I love learning about new cultures.” For his fan meeting, he focuses on heartfelt preparations, hoping to create memorable experiences for his fans.

Favorite Scenes from “Lovely Runner”

He mentioned his favorite scenes from Lovely Runner.
– Sunjae’s confession in Episode 2
– The emotional moment with his father
– The poignant scene in Episode 10 where he accepts his fate

Alternate Career x Acting Career

When asked about an alternate career, he envisioned running a business like a coffee shop. Reflecting on his eight-year acting journey, he expressed deep gratitude for his fans’ appreciation. He emphasized the importance of hard work and genuine relationships with his co-stars.

Success of “Lovely Runner

He expressed his happiness about the international success of “Lovely Runner,” saying, “This is my first main lead, and I didn’t expect this level of success. I’m grateful it’s happening and overwhelmed by the love and support.

Byeon Woo Seok also spoke about his sudden rise in popularity, saying, “It’s all been a big surprise. Seeing a huge crowd at the airport was amazing. I’m still adjusting to this new level of fame, but it truly feels like a dream come true.”

As the media con wined down, the actor expressed gratitude and hinted at his upcoming work.

“Thank you so much for your overwhelming love. I never imagined such great support. Please look forward to my next project in the coming months.”

Presented by Pulp Live World, Byeon Woo Seok’s “Summer Letter” Fan Meeting is happening today at 6 PM at the New Frontier Theater.

Photos: Pulp Live World | Varo Entertainment