SHINee’s Choi Min Ho Reunites With Filipino Fans In Successful Manila Fanmeet

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PH SHAWOLs showered the member with love and support through their loud cheers at every given moment.

Choi Min Ho of KPOP group SHINee successfully held his solo fan meeting, 2023 BEST CHOI’s MINHO LUCKY CHOI’s IN MANILA on January 28 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

He definitely lived up to his “Flaming Charisma” moniker as he heated up the night with entrancing performances. He also made sure to create lasting memories as he enthusiastically interacted with lucky ardent fans during the games and fun corners.

Choi Min Ho


Min Ho kicks off the event with a performance of “Heartbreak”, a track off his debut EP Chase. After that, he greets the audience expressing his excitement to be back and that it has been a long time since he last visited the Philippines.

Lucky Box

In this corner, Choi Min Ho has to succeed in the given mission to open two boxes with “lucky items” inside. He says, while he has no idea what items are in the boxes, he’s excited to find out and that he is confident he will make it through the missions. One lucky fan joins him for the first mission which is to have an identical pose on the keyword Lucifer.

Choi Min Ho

Both did a similar pose that enables Min Ho to open the box. It contains Barong Tagalog, a Filipino traditional clothing for men usually worn during important and formal events. He wears it as Host Sam Oh explains its significance.

Minho admits that it is his first time wearing Barong and upon knowing how important it is for Filipinos, it also becomes meaningful to him. Still dressed in traditional wear, Min Ho dances to Pandanggo, a Filipino folk dance.

For the second mission, he gets to do another pose with a group of PH SHAWOLs, for which they also succeeded. The second box contains a crown as fans see him as a prince charming. Minho says the first corner was a really fun time and he truly feels honored to wear Barong Tagalog.

Lucky Moments

Before the start of the next corner, Sam Oh asks Min Ho about the time he feels he is luckiest or happiest. He answers that he knows he is luckiest and happiest when he goes distances to meet people such as his fans. Fans scream upon hearing his answer.

Sam Oh then explains the next segment which is about reenacting scenes from dramas fans wanted to see him play a role in. He gamely showcases the characters Jang Uk from Alchemy of Souls and Capt. Yoo Shi Jin of Descendants of the Sun. He discloses that he is really enjoying the time but feels quite awkward at the same time.

Choi Min Ho

Minho draws the lucky ticket numbers combination during the segment which ensures two fans take home an unreleased photocard.

Keyword Talk About Choi Min Ho’s Album Chase

The third and final corner centers on Min Ho’s recent release and debut mini-album Chase. All tracks are shown and Min Ho has to choose three titles and each title has a corresponding question. Sam Oh once again asks him a question before starting the segment. She wants to know the place Minho would run away to if given a chance and what he values more when traveling.

Choi Min Ho states that when he travels what’s more important is the person/people he is traveling with. He mentions that if he could run away somewhere, the Philippines is such a nice place to go. He further explains that he enjoys the hot weather and the food.

Picking the first song title, “Heartbreak”, Min Ho is kind of baffled as he has no idea how to show a PH version of the keyword, but eventually settles with the choreography ending with a finger heart (PH SHAWOLs swoon!).

For the second title, he chooses “Choice” which allows him to create his “tour choice” for PH fans who will go to South Korea. Min Ho recommends Seoul and visiting KWANGYA. As for the food suggestion, he wants fans to eat kimbap and samgyeopsal.

And for the ultimate K-experience, he wants fans to try the popular photo booth in Seoul where you can take pictures and print them right away. He then jokes that if they go to SM Entertainment, there is someone who looks like him (his standee) which they can take a photo to make them feel he is actually with them.

The third word he picks is “Chase” which had him dancing to “Dati-dati” a popular Tiktok trend challenge. He, not only dances to it once but twice, as the audience requests for him to do it one more time.


Apart from “Heartbreak”, Choi Min Ho treats fans to performances of “Runaway” and “Chase”, tracks from his recently released mini-album. For his performance of “Chase”, Min Ho says it is his first time doing it on a live stage.

He confesses to being nervous and excited then asks fans if they like the performance to which fans respond with a resounding “yes”. He adds that it has now become an unforgettable memory to him, having performed the song in front of PH SHAWOLs.

The night’s greatest surprise for fans is Min Ho’s performance of SHINee medley songs that include “Atlantis”, Don’t Call Me”, “Kiss Kiss” and “CØDE”. Min Ho sings “I’m Home” as his last song for the night.

Choi Min Ho Ending Ment

Choi Min Ho once again expresses his gratitude to fans and for spending Saturday night with him. He apologizes as he really wanted to come sooner but it took him quite some time to do so. He promises to always do his best for fans and to come back with the members next time. But until then he wishes fans to stay healthy and that he will see PH SHAWOLs once again. He says he loves the Philippines and that fans are his home.

Choi Min Ho

2023 BEST CHOI’s MINHO LUCKY CHOI’s IN MANILA is presented by Ovation Productions.

Event covered by Emylyn Castalla

Photos by Richard Esguerra