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All eyes were on BabyMonster during their first visit to Singapore

BabyMonster left a big impression towards the audience during their first visit to Singapore for their fanmeet tour BABYMONSTER PRESENTS: SEE YOU THERE in Singapore on June 15, 2024 at The Star Theatre.

BabyMonster started off strong from their very performance with uplifting tracks like “SHEESH” and “LIKE THAT”, captivating the audience with their high energy. The members then introduced themselves to the audience individually, making the audience go wild with loud cheers. The first corner of the fanmeet was called BM RANDOM PROFILE, where the members chose a random number from 1 to 4 that depicted their pictures, which they explained the reason for taking it. Afterwards, the girls had to choose an alphabet from the word “MONSTER” as a group, which had a question behind it.

The members then left the stage to prepare for their next performance while a video of them answering questions regarding themselves played for the audience. The girls then continued to showcase their synchronized choreography and powerful vocals with their live versions of “2NE Mash Up” and “BATTER UP”. It was evident that the members had poured their hearts and souls into their performances, leaving the audience spellbound and craving for more.

The next corner was a video that showed the girls playing games such as “Guess Which Song” and “Body Language Game”. Afterwards, the girls came up on the stage to choose and answer some questions that were written by the fans such as their favorite song, bucket list and the strongest member from the group.

In the next corner, the members were split into two teams, Baby and Monster, to play a game called BM STUDIO where the members had to draw a word for the audience to guess. In team Baby, there was Rora, Pharita, Asa and Ruka while in team Monster, there was Ahyeon, Rami and Chiquita. Through this game, it was clear that there is great chemistry, not just between the members but with the girls and their fans as well.

The last corner was an exciting one for the fans because seven lucky people from the audience had a chance to receive signed t-shirts from BabyMonster. Everyone in the audience was filled with tension as the members called out the seat numbers that they had picked and loud cheers could be heard as congratulations for the lucky winners.

Afterwards, each of the BabyMonster thanked their fans for their support, said their love for their fans and promised to come to Singapore again. The fanmeet was wrapped up with “DREAM”, “Stuck in the Middle” and “Scars to your Beautiful”, where the crowd was absolutely not ready to go but still gave it their all as they sang and danced along with BabyMonster.

As an encore, BabyMonster showed their deep appreciation for their fans, who were at the core of the event by performing “Stuck in the Middle (Remix)” and afterwards, the girls took pictures with the fans in Singapore to commemorate this precious moment.

As the audience was not ready to go back, the girls performed “BATTER UP (Remix)” and “SHEESH” one more time before saying the final goodbyes to their fans.

From their explosive choreography to their amazing vocals, BabyMonster has given an unforgettable experience to everyone in the audience. As their journey continues, we can’t help but be excited about when they will come back to Singapore.

BabyMonster Presents: See You There in Singapore is brought to the fans by Live Nation Singapore. Team HelloKpop would like to extend gratitude to Live Nation Singapore for the media invite.

Words by Naw Thet Nwe Oo.

Image Source: Live Nation Singapore