[CONCERT RECAP] MAMAMOO+ Sets Singapore Ablaze With Musical Brilliance At “Two Rabbits Code” Fan Concert

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Dang dang dang, SG MOOMOOs heads must be spinning all because of MAMAMOO+’s brilliance! 

In a spellbinding showcase of musical brilliance and artistic fusion, MAMAMOO’s first official unit MAMAMOO+, which consists of main vocalist Solar and main rapper MoonByul, returned to Singapore to stage their first ever fan concert titled “Two Rabbits Code”. Held at The Star Theatre on 15 November 2023 (Wednesday), the event promised an evening of K-Pop enchantment, marking a momentous occasion for SG MOOMOOs who had been eagerly waiting for the girls’ return since their wildly successful double sold-out concerts in the country earlier this year. Read on to revisit the high-energy moments from MAMAMOO+’s Two Rabbits Code fan concert that took place in Singapore last Wednesday!

The concert opened with a burst of energy, featuring an electrifying “INTRO” performance followed by the entrancing beats of “Aniri”. The stage was set, and the duo was ready to make their mark as MAMAMOO+ in Singapore once again. 

Taking a moment to introduce themselves and greet SG MOOMOOs, Solar and MoonByul expressed their joy at returning to the country after nine months, reminiscing about their last meeting with SG MOOMOOs during the “MY CON” concert back in February. The audience was greeted with warmth as the duo shared their excitement about the “Two Rabbits Code” fan concert, marking another special moment with their fans. 

SG MOOMOOs heeded the call for a red dress code, turning the venue into a sea of vibrant red hues. The duo expressed their delight at seeing their fans decked out in the color of passion and love, setting the perfect tone for the night.

Continuing the fan concert with hits like “Chico Malo” and “I LIKE THIS”, the duo without a doubt set the audience on fire. They then took everyone on an enchanting journey with the ethereal “Starry Night + Starry Sea”, creating a musical atmosphere that transcended time. 

The duo shared nostalgic memories they have forged over the years, emphasizing how their songs bring them back to those precious times. Expressing gratitude for the chance to create new memories with SG MOOMOOs through the “Two Rabbits Code” fan concert in Singapore, Solar and MoonByul seamlessly transitioned into crowd favorites such as “GGBB” and “Bada Boom”, eliciting excited cheers from the crowd. 

The next segment of the fan concert began with a captivating VCR segment which added a visual spectacle to the night, seamlessly blending artistry and music and providing a glimpse as to what more will come for the night. 

Solar returned to the stage in a stunning fiery red ensemble, treating the audience to a mesmerizing medley that included “Adrenaline”, “Spit It Out” and “HONEY”. With Solar’s powerful vocals and charismatic presence, she brought the stage alive without a doubt. 

Next it was MoonByul’s turn where she took the stage in a stylish red jersey and white cargo pants, captivating the audience with her performances of “ddu ddu ddu” and “C.I.T.T”. 

As a dynamic duo, MAMAMOO+ continued to wow the crowd with “Shutdown” before sharing another ment segment. Both Solar and MoonByul expressed their utmost gratitude for the overwhelming support they have been receiving from SG MOOMOOs throughout the night, acknowledging the initial nerves they felt during their solo stages. 

The duo even hosted a little game segment to engage with the audience. The “Two Rabbits Card” game saw a playful interaction using the QR codes scanned during the VCR between the two girls and their beloved fans. Afterwards, the duo kept the high spirits up with an exciting random dance challenge, showcasing their K-Pop knowledge with top hits such as “Hype Boy” by New Jeans and “Seven” by BTS Jungkook and many more. 

The high momentum then continued with a K-Pop medley, featuring a dynamic range of hits from various artists, including “Spicy” by aespa, “Queencard” by (G)-IDLE and “Super Shy” by New Jeans amongst many others.

Moving on to the next segment of the fan concert, the duo took a poignant turn and switched up the mood with their heartfelt performances of “Save Me”, “I Love Too + LLL” and the long-awaited full version of “Two Rabbits”. Both Solar and MoonByul poured all their emotions into each note, creating an intimate connection with the audience and closed the show with a final song “dang dang”. 

Thankfully for SG MOOMOOs, that was not the end of the show yet as the duo returned to the stage for a surprise encore segment. The encore not only featured a MAMAMOO medley including “DINGGA”, “”HIP” and “Decalcomanie”, but was also followed by soulful renditions of “Promise U” and “Like Yesterday”. Fan service queens Solar and MoonByul even stepped off stage to get a close up interaction with the fans, leaving the audience spellbound by the girls’ vocal prowess and stunning visuals. 

As the night drew to a close, the duo shared their heartfelt thanks for the enthusiastic cheers and fan chants. Promising to return to Singapore again soon, they closed the night with the iconic “Um Oh Ah Yeh”, leaving SG MOOMOOs with hearts full of memories and anticipation for the next rendezvous with MAMAMOO+.

MAMAMOO+’s “Two Rabbits Code” fan concert in Singapore was indeed a night to remember. It was a night filled with musical brilliance, interactive fun and heartfelt moments that will resonate in SG MOOMOOs hearts for the years to come. Until the next time Solar and MoonByul return to Singapore, be it as MAMAMOO or as the dynamic duo of MAMAMOO+, it is without a doubt that SG MOOMOOs are already excitedly counting down to their next meeting. 

MAMAMOO+’s Two Rabbits Code Fan Con in Singapore is brought to the fans by CK Star Entertainment. Team HelloKpop would like to extend gratitude to CK Star Entertainment for the media invite. 

This event was covered by Yolande Goh.

Image Source: CK Star Entertainment