[CONCERT RECAP] TAEMIN, HYOYEON, And YUGYEOM Brought Sparkle And Fun At The K-Magic Live in Manila

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The K-Magic Live in Manila will go down in history as a magical night filled with love and cheers from PH SONE, Shawol, and Ahgase.

Filipino fans of SHINee’s Taemin, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, and GOT7’s Yugyeom gathered together for the K-Magic Live in Manila. Organized by OctoArts Entertainment, the spectacular event happened on October 13, 2023, at the Mall of Asia Arena.

HYOYEON Reminisces Last Visit to The Philippines

Girls’ Generation’s main dancer Hyoyeon, also known as HYO, kicked off the K-Magic Live in Manila with an electrifying performance of “Picture.” The dancing queen’s appearance on stage brought the audience to their feet, singing along and dancing to the chorus of her song.

kmagic live in manila snsd hyoyeon

Hyoyeon continued with “Deep,” before moving towards the extended stage to properly introduce herself. Loud cheers resonated in the venue, letting Hyoyeon reminisce about her previous visit to the Philippines.

“It’s been a long time. I last visited Boracay for two weeks and it was a wonderful memory. I would like to have enough time to explore the Philippines, but I still have a US tour.”

SONEs (fandom name for Girls’ Generation) finally heard a promise they hoped to happen very soon. When the host, Denise Laurel, asked Hyoyeon if she can return to the Philippines for a solo event as well as with the other members of the girl group, the singer did not hesitate to raise her pinky finger. “If there is an opportunity, of course, I will come back.”

The crowd also sang her a birthday song as she recently turned 34 on September 22. Further, Hyoyeon proceeded to set the bar high with “Sober,” “Second,” and “Dessert.”


YUGYEOM Delights Fans with Awesome Stages

“Magandang gabi!” With just that, Yugyeom had everyone falling in love with his overflowing charms. As the youngest member of GOT7, he had the pleasure of performing in the Philippines multiple times before. His recent visit was during the Follow The Movement AOMG World Tour in Manila on January 15, 2023.

Starting his setlist with “I Want U Around” was a treat. He confidently walks around the stage, casually interacting with the fans at the standing area.

And as if it wasn’t enough to have everyone chanting his name, Yugyeom proceeded to perform “All About You,” “LOLO,” “All Your Fault,” “Take You Down,” “Say Nothing,” “Ponytail,” “Always Ready,” “Love The Way,” “Who You,” and “119.”

Much to the crowd’s delight, Yugyeom also performed GOT7’s high-energy track, “Hard Carry.” All throughout his stages, Yugyeom would throw towels and water on fans, adding fun and excitement.


TAEMIN Displays His Unrivaled Moves

As SHINee’s ace, Taemin took the stage as the final act, leaving the fans in awe of his majestic presence. Taemin was introduced by the host as the “idol of idols,” to which he humbly expressed that it was an honor to inspire other artists. Undoubtedly, his talent and influence have earned him the respect and glory.

Moreover, his captivating performances of “Move,” “Criminal,” and “Idea” properly documented why he was the main dancer of all. Taemin standing on stage was already a blessing. His smile ignites a wave of cheers from the crowd, and it was more than enough to bring happiness to their fangirl/fanboy lives.

It has been six years since his last visit in the Philippines. Taemin and the other four members of SHINee graced the Mall of Asia Arena in 2017 for the Global Peace Concert One K in Manila. “It was nice to see you in the same venue six years ago.”

He also fondly remembered Filipino fans’ passionate and energetic cheers, recalling the joy he and the rest of SHINee experienced during their group performances. Taemin also teased his upcoming mini album, Guilty, which is set to release on October 30. He also announced that he is preparing for a solo concert and will reveal the dates very soon.

Ending his ment, Taemin promised that if given the opportunity, SHINee will definitely return to the Philippines for a schedule. Furthermore, Taemin concluded his set with “Hypnosis” and “Advice.”

hellokpop extends its gratitude to OctoArts Entertainment for the media invites to cover the K-Magic Live in Manila.

Event Covered By: Bea Ibañez

Photos: Charie Navarro