Concert Recap: “TikTok Stage Live From Seoul” Stuns With Electrifying Performances

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TikTok Stage brought in dynamic K-pop performances all the way live from Seoul—and it was breathtaking to say the least!

Serving as a part of TikTok’s Smile project #smilewithTikTok, the TikTok Stage Live From Seoul concert was live streamed globally wherein stellar artists performed and even answered some of the questions sent in by fans.

The lineup included some of the most amazing artists such as AKMU and Apink as well as MONSTA X, Kang Daniel, iKON, Oh My Girl and KARD. Rookie groups CIX and CRAVITY also dazzled viewers with their energetic performances.

Aside from watching the stunning stages from each artist, fans were also given a chance to make donations for COVID-19 relief—to which a total of 550,000 dollars was collected towards the end of the TikTok Stage Live From Seoul concert.

Breaking All The Rules With CRAVITY

CRAVITY opened the event with their power packed performance of their debut track “Break All The Rules.”

After their lively performance, CRAVITY took a minute and introduced the concert in the most charming way. The super rookies then proceeded to a performance of their track “Stay” and swayed viewers with their serene vocals and charisma.

CRAVITY went big and bold with their exhilarating track “Jumper,” as they hyped up fans’ enthusiasm all over the world with their high powered show.

Watching What FIX Wanted From CIX

CIX exuded chill vibes as they opened the stage with a performance of their song, “What You Wanted.”

The group showed off their harmonious voices on their slow-paced track “Numb,” before rocking it out on the sensual number, “Movie Star.”

CIX made quite an impact on stage with their individual dapper styles, their enthusiasm and enthralling performances.

Bringing Hidden KARD To The Moon

KARD made quite the entry with their smashing song “Dumb Litty” as their performance embodied swag in the most perfect way.

Further, the quartet mesmerized with “Red Moon” that made for quite the foot-thumping experience for viewers all over the world.

The group impressed with their edgy looks. Further, KARD took part in TikTok’s #smilewithTikTok challenge as well.

AKMU Making Aunts And Uncles’ Hearts Flutter

The dynamic duo AKMU created a very serene mood with their set.

AKMU’s performance of their softer tracks was truly a heartwarming experience. Especially in terms of how the lights lit up and dimmed and the dreamy effect due to the use of stage smoke, the setting created a fairy tale like vibe reflective of the magical show.

The duo put on an energetic performance of their track “Dinosaur.” It was endearing to see the artists enjoying themselves during the song which surely put a smile on the audience’s faces.

Oh My Girl Making Miracle Cheer Them On Nonstop

The girl group made a dazzling entrance as they commenced their show with their chart-topping number, “Nonstop.”

Oh My Girl created waves with their act for their song, “Dolphin.” The cutesy choreography was one that stood out on this one as it added to the girl group’s charms.

The girls shone with their track “Krystal,” as they looked ever so enchanting as they showcased their mellifluous vocals that captivated listeners all over the world.

Kang Daniel Showing Off His Fun Side To DANITY

Kang Daniel’s performance was surely a triple treat for DANITY!

He kicked off his performance with his hit track “2U.” Kang Daniel put on a playful show with his sweet voice, striking visual and smooth choreography.

Kang Daniel entranced audiences with his show stopping vocals on the refreshing, EDM based track, “Jealous,” and the R&B song, “Interview.”

Besides bewitching DANITY with his show, Kang Daniel gracefully answered some of the questions sent to him by his fans – all about his music to asking the secret behind his cuteness!

Apink Making Their Pink Pandas’ Hearts Go “Dumhdurum”

Making a bold statement in black, Apink looked stylishly amazing in every frame as they performed some of their best tracks for their fans.

Opening with their recent “Dumhdurum,” the girl group delighted listeners with their honeyed voices that filled the ambiance with elation.

Next up, Apink performed on their chart busting number “% % (Eung Eung)” that had the audiences joyfully celebrating in the comment section of the concert!

Apink really captivated their fans with their track, “1없어.” Their mesmerizing choreography and melodic vocals made for a sublime show.

MONSTA X Playing It Cool For Monbebes

MONSTA X lit up the stage with their dynamic energy would be an understatement. For not only did they light up the stage, they burnt it with their fiery performances!

MONSTA X looked prepossessingly personable as they put on a gripping performance for their heart thumping track “Follow.”

After their performance, the members took a little break to interact with their Monbebes as they answered some of the questions from their fans.

They also participated in the #smilewithTikTok challenge as they melted fans’ hearts with their adorable poses.

MONSTA X then proceeded on their ways in the “Middle Of The Night,” captivating with their suave choreography and beautiful voices that made fans say ‘you got me,’ at the end of this performance.

The group had one question on their mind for Monbebes with this performance as they asked, “Who Do U Love?” in their sweet toned notes.

Before going onto the final performance, MONSTA X spoke about their upcoming comeback album FANTASIA X, for which Monbebes across the world cheered them for in the comments as well.

Finally, for the finale of their act, MONSTA X played it real cool with this number as they ended their set with their track “Play It Cool.”

iKON Creating A Love Scenario For iKONICs

Ever seen audiences sing in the comment sections? Well, iKON did just that as they begun their performance with their smashing song “Love Scenario,” as they made viewers want to sing alongside them!

iKON killed it with “Killing Me” as they put on quite the high octane show with their lively energy and dazzling visuals.

iKONICs dived right into iKON’s magnetic stage with their peppy performance of their track “Dive,” that showed off the members’ arresting vocals in the finest way.

iKON then took a pause before their closing performance as they too took part in the #smilewithTikTok challenge as they sweetly answered the questions sent to them from their iKONICs from all over the globe.

iKONICs surely danced to iKON’s rhythms at home when they performed their high powered song “Rhythm Ta,” as they closed the event on a harmonious note.

Meanwhile, TikTok Stage Live From Seoul was held at a global level that saw audiences from all over the world participate in the virtual live concert that featured some of the best artists from Korea.

The event was held with the intent to convey a message of hope and support to the world through music. And it did just that and in the most beautiful way as well.

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