CRAVITY Shares Fun Performances Via First Online Fan Meeting “CRAVITY COLLECTION: C-EXPRESS”

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CRAVITY gifted their lovely fans, LUVITY, a night to remember, through their recently-concluded fan meeting!

Streamed on October 9 via Naver V LIVE, CRAVITY’s first online fan meeting CRAVITY COLLECTION: C-EXPRESS has been concluded. Meeting LUVITYs from 126 countries, the concert leaves nothing, but happy memories for every attendees.

CRAVITY Fan Meeting

Photo Courtesy: Starship Entertainment

Online Concert Highlights

Organized with theme of an amusement park, the adorable boys of CRAVITY turned into part-timers of the “C-EXPRESS”.

The group kicked off their fan meeting with a VCR, showing the members’ cheerful and cute visuals. Then, they decorated the opening stage with a refreshing performance of “Sunrise”, a track from their recent album.

Making the show even more splendid, they also performed their debut song “Break all the Rules”, “JUMPER” and “Flame”.

CRAVITY Fan Meeting

Fun Games with CRAVITY

Raising the mood through their pleasant talk, Minhee and Jungmo became the MCs of the night and led the games. Under the theme of observation, speed and teamwork, they enthusiastically participated in various rounds of “Guessing Game,” “Random Dance” and “Drawing Game”.

After the mini tournament, they maintained the exciting atmosphere by performing their groovy track “Ohh Ahh”.

CRAVITY Fan Meeting

Colorful Cover Stages

Featuring never-before-seen performances from the group itself, CRAVITY has once again captivated with the unit stages: dance, vocal and band performance.

Starting from Serim, Wonjin and Hyeongjun, the trio performed “STAY” by BLACKPINK, followed by 4Minute’s “Crazy.” The vocal unit, composed of Woobin, Minhee and Seongmin touched the hearts of fans by covering “Dear Name” (IU).

Meanwhile, the band unit, Allen on keyboard, Jungmo on guitar, and Taeyoung on drums, surprised fans with their hidden talents through a performance of “You Were Beautiful” (Day6).

CRAVITY Fan Meeting

Sweet Memories to Last with LUVITYs

After finishing the special stage, they performed “Realize” and revealed behind-the-scene stories of the unit stages.

With their recent Rookie of the Year award feat, and winning first place in a music program after 179 days since debut, CRAVITY gave their warmest thanks to fans.

“We were so nervous and excited because this was our first fan meeting. Since we performed and communicated with fans, we really enjoyed every bits of it.”

Expressing their affection to LUVITYs, CRAVITY said, “We are always grateful for all the love we continue to receive. We love you.”

“Our time with you today will remain as another unforgettable memory. We will always be the star that brightens the dark times for LUVITY.” Then, they finished the stage with a heartfelt performance to their song “Star”.

PR | Photos: Starship Entertainment

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