[CONCERT RECAP] “EXplOration In Manila” Explodes To A Memorable Music Adventure

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When EXO promised a special music travel experience for EXplOration in Manila, they did not warn EXO-Ls how health risk cutely entails because of a downpour of hyperventilating moments.

Unrivaled as K-Pop Kings, EXO has consistently expressed their adoration to their Philippine fans. Visiting them whenever they can, proves the mutual love and gratefulness they have for Filipino EXO-Ls.


It is not surprising how a second day was opened to accommodate the fans’ clamor to meet their idols – when the tickets to the original concert schedule got sold-out in a blink of an eye. After all, every EXO concert created buzz and lasting aftermath owing to its neat and spectacular stages.

EXplOration in Manila is no exception. From its scintillating stage design down to smooth flowing performances, EXO overwhelmed the crowd with its roaring music power.

Fortunately, for the fans in attendance, EXO not only brought them to familiar places through the exciting stages they performed. Most of the time, the pumped up performances sent fans to varying levels of cosmic highs.

A frenzied opening stage party

Surging to a striking tempo, the K-Pop royalty group opened their stage with a bang before melting the fans with a parade of charisma when they performed “24/7”. Sealing their first blast with an exclamation mark, Baekhyun threw in an electrifying “UN Village” stage.

Pushing their momentum, EXO put the audience on a trance with “Love Shot”‘s euphoric stage. It even made some attendees subconsciously copy its popular point dance.


From heaven to earth, Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chen, Sehun and Kai greeted Filipino EXO-Ls with the same amount of excitement and explained how the night would be a travel experience with them.

Quipping about the hot weather, leader Suho wasted no time appreciating their fans. Remarking how they are the group’s inspiration, he mentioned how beautiful and smart they are. He added how surprised he is to hear fans sang along and encourages to keep the same energy.

Frequently visiting the country for vacation, Sehun also greeted the audience while Chanyeol made sure to check on the fans at the higher bleacher if they can see.


A dark and manly side of EXO

Erupting with classic hit “Monster” and “Oasis”, fans were treated with striking solo stages. Like a true star that he is, Suho threw in “Been Through” spectacle complete with an eye-catching galaxy-themed background. Inevitably, it sent the crowd to oblivion with his peeking upper body unraveled fully by the idol.

Entranced, the audience took another sweet blow when Chen belted with a soothing serenade of “Lights Out”.

Picking up from fellow members’ amazing ensembles, EXO-SC transformed the arena to a summer party with “What A Life” and “Closer to You”.

EXO’s happy campsite

After a couple of cheery songs, EXO brought in an extra perk for their promised music travel adventure. Casually chatting with fans, they staged an impromptu “happy camp”.

Always checking if fans are having a good time, Chanyeol taught fans the meaning of “uhuhu”. Meanwhile, Suho adorably asked how his body showcase was. He probed more by giving a scale between incredible and so-so to the delight of the engrossed fans. In a smart response, the fans pleaded for a repeat of his glorious body display, but the group’s leader is smarter and replied it will be up for viewing on the second day of the concert.

Chen obliged to a sudden song request, and awed the venue with his exceptional voice prowess and control. Taunt to escalate the song relay, Chanyeol attempted to accept the challenge, but changed mind midway making the fans chuckle.

Endearingly telling fans that they are the group’s vitamins, EXO couldn’t be more happier when their supporters unitedly respond how they are their vitamins too.


Heaven by EXO’s side

Equally energized, it was an uber festive mood on the group’s “Power” stage. After that, Kai’s “Confession” solo performance hooked the concert-goers with a shower of sweet taunts. We swore we caught some souls astral projecting in the venue after Kai threw in a fleeting glimpse of heaven when he flashed his ripped abs.


Capping off the solo stage parade, Sehun damage the crowd’s hearts with irreparable bliss. His hyungs joined in for a streak of EXO favorites – “Growl”, “Overdose” and “Call Me Baby”.


Down to the last stretch of EXplOration in Manila, Filipino EXO-Ls sang along while “We Are One” VCR played. Aside from the impressive program, awe-inducing stage visuals and EXO’s unparalleled talent; those little details of fan interactions made the concert one third special, one third exciting and one third memorable.

Accompanying EXO with fan chants and loud cheers signified a distinct link EXO shares with their adoring fans. The last set of light groovy songs prepared the viewers well for the inevitable waning minutes of the concert.


A Smile after EXO’s music exploration

In their last ment, Chanyeol thanked fans for being responsive singing happily with them in the concert. He expressed joy for the support they received leading to a second concert day.

Kai challenged EXO-Ls for a 3-day concert next time to which the crowd answered a resounding yes. He also joked that his visit in the country made him want to take home some mangoes he saw – teasing him from the crowd. He added how seeing fans dance happily energized him a lot.

“I’m falling in love more with the Philippines,” he ended.


Remarking how they share the same happiness, Chen hoped that fans will keep the memories forever.

Feeling the fervor of the passionate fans, Baekhyun promised how they will always come back to visit as long as their fans continue to support them.

“Hope you guys had a great evening. Go home and eat something delicious. Dream about us EXO,” Baekhyun added.

Praising the comfy atmosphere all throughout the night, Sehun thanked fans for gifting a two-day concert with their support.

Distracted on the members beside him, Suho struggled to finish the last words relay and had all of them join Chanyeol and Kai who were playing on a rainbow spring toy.

The leader then spoke of warm words about how the fans will be in his heart – everyday and every night.

EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration in Manila had been as brilliant as it had been intense. It loops in the mind — and is definitely a happy memory for EXO Filipino fans.

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