EVENT RECAP: Park Jinyoung Mesmerizes Fans With His Endless Charms In “Rendezvous: Secret Meeting Between You And Me” In Manila

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Park Jinyoung left fans with blissful memories during his solo fan concert in Manila last weekend titled Rendezvous: The Secret Meeting Between You and Me!

Talented idol slash actor Park Jinyoung spent an evening full of gratitude, music, and warmth with his PH fans through his first solo fan concert in the country, Rendezvous: The Secret Meeting Between You and Me.

Presented by one of the leading event promoters in the Philippines, Pulp Live World, the event began at exactly 5 in the afternoon at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City. Prior to this, a press conference was held at Novotel at 11:30 AM. It allowed Jinyoung to meet his Filipino supporters for the first time since his visit in 2019 together with his fellow GOT7 members for a concert.

Amidst the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the idol made sure that the attendees had a blast during the event. His fan services were on point and he did a great job of forming a strong bond with fans through various segments that unleashed his playful and loving personality.

Apart from enthusiastically responding to questions and antics made by the event-goers, Park Jinyoung also shone effortlessly with his charming looks and managed to easily capture everyone’s hearts.



Park Jinyoung kicked off the night by performing two of his most energetic songs, JJ Project’s Coming Home and Cotton Candy. Donning a dashing brown-colored suit, the idol slash actor showed off his amazing stage presence and undeniable charisma while the crowd fills the venue with loud chants and cheers.

It was very evident in his moves, gestures, and facial expressions that he missed performing onstage and interacting with his lovely Filipino AHGASEs, whom he hadn’t met for a long time. 

Shortly after, host Kring Kim, who also facilitated the press conference held hours before the event, appeared on the stage to welcome the attendees. She asked Jinyoung how he felt about coming to Manila after four years and the idol responded, “Thank you, guys, for coming today and I missed you so much. I think other members [miss you] too.”

Jinyoung also shared a little bit about his solo album. He said that he started preparing for it two or three years ago and asked fans for their great support.

Regarding his title track “Cotton Candy,” the idol shared, “This is the first song I sang alone. I was bored because I was alone. I don’t have my members [with me].”


Proceeding with the fan concert proper, Kring Kim then held a fun and engaging segment where Jinyoung and his fans would all go on a trip down memory lane with the idol slash actor’s acting journey. 

Jinyoung had to pick a teddy bear that contains a voice recording of himself revealing a specific keyword relating to his past dramas. From there, a picture from the show would then be flashed on the screen he had to share behind the scene stories and his sentiments about his past portrayals. Given Jinyoung’s carefree personality, everyone had the best time getting to know him on a much deeper level.

From his old dramas like This is My Love and Dream High 2 to his most recent ones like The Devil Judge and Yumi’s Cells, the idol slash actor enthusiastically answered the questions prepared by the organizers while also giving lots of fan services on the side.

Recalling his experience portraying the role of Park Hyun-soo in This is My Love, Jinyoung shared that since it was his first time playing a middle-schooler, he was able to relate to his character a lot. “It helped me be who I am,” he added. Shortly after, Jinyoung briefly recreated his famous tap dance scene from the drama.

The idol slash actor gained lots of recognition with his portrayal of Kim Ga-on / Kang Isaac in the drama The Devil Judge. He shared that he had a hard time adjusting and learning his role but eventually fell in love with it since it’s fictional.

Jinyoung was then asked what superpower he wants to have if given a chance and he replied, “Teleportation… If I have that power, I’ll always come to the Philippines.”

The rundown of his acting career would not be complete without mentioning one of his recent projects, Yumi’s Cells 2, where he played the lead role of Yoo Babi alongside Kim Go Eun. He shared that he’s most similar to his character in terms of kindness.

Jinyoung added that through this drama, he was able to grow a lot as a person and an actor. He stated that he met a lot of senior actors who helped him to become the good actor he is today. 

Afterward, Kring Kim asked Jinyoung who his favorite actor and the idol said that it is his friend and bandmate JayB. He even teased a fan that JayB was watching the fan concert at the venue, leaving the whole venue filled with laughter.

Wrapping up the segment on a good note, a few lucky fans got the opportunity to take a polaroid photo, hug, and see Jinyoung up close via draw lots. Some of them have also been fans since 2012, which made the moment memorable. 


The next segment highlighted a few photos that Jinyoung considers close to his heart. One of them was taken by fellow member Yugyeom during a shoot. Jinyoung shared that he rarely takes pictures of himself and is always the one who takes his members’ photos that’s why seeing himself through Yugyeom’s perspective was special to him.

He then stated that he is more into taking photos of sceneries these days rather than his members because they are not always with him. 

Photos of him preparing for his acting school application and rocking an army haircut while portraying a role of a soldier were also shown, garnering huge reactions from the audience. Jinyoung then revealed that his phone is quite “dangerous” because it contains photos that might shock the fans.

When asked if he has a special method for storing his precious photos, Jinyoung said that he has a dedicated storage for all the photos he has taken.

Afterward, a few more Filipino AHGASEs got the chance to go up the stage and receive goodies from Jinyoung himself. These fans were chosen after the idol read their messages from the bulletin board left outside the venue hours before the fan concert. 

He also gave gifts to individuals who were celebrating their birthdays on that day. Three fans got a handwritten message from Jinyoung, while the remaining three got official merchandise and a polaroid. 

While greeting and interacting with the chosen fans, the audience can’t help but admire Jinyoung’s sincerity and gratitude. He then revealed afterward that he felt touched because the audience’s reactions are so big and that he can see that everyone is having a great time. 

He emphasized that PH AHGASEs were the ones that made the event possible and thanked everyone for spending the evening with him. Jinyoung closed the segment by performing “Letter” and “Animal.”


Staying true to the event’s purpose, Jinyoung returned to the stage to sing a few more tracks from his mini album as well as his group’s diverse discography. Apart from JJ Project’s “Bounce,” Jinyoung sang “Our Miracle,” “Sleep Well,” “Dive,” “Last Piece,” and “NANANA.”

In between these, the idol showed off his amazing dancing skills through his prepared medley of GOT7’s “A,” “Just Right,” “Hard Carry,” and “You Calling My Name.” 

PH AHGASEs, who have waited for Jinyoung’s return to the country for years, also did not forget to express their love for their beloved idol. They prepared a video containing the words they wanted to convey to Jinyoung and even showed him the different ways to say “I love you” in Philippine dialects.

The idol slash actor wrapped up the festivities by singing “Home Run” and “Encore.” He then hinted that he will be gone for a long time but wished PH fans to wait for him while remaining safe and healthy.

“I wasn’t able to see you for a long time. Thank you so much for waiting for me. I didn’t expect to be standing in front of you without my members. Even if I was alone, I was very happy and I hope my album and this FanCon that I’ve prepared with so much effort would be a driving force so you can look forward to our next meeting. See you next time with the other members. Thank you, Philippines!,” he stated. 

Overall, Rendezvous: The Secret Meeting Between You and Me became an avenue for Park Jinyoung and his dearest PH AHGASEs to bond over music and share special moments.

We extend our gratitude to Pulp Live World for the invite to the 2023 Park Jinyoung Fan Concert Rendezvous: The Secret Meeting Between You and Me. Event covered by Patricia Cabela and Khrizvyy (Khris Virgilio)