FAN MEETING RECAP: Kim Seon Ho Charms and Sweeps Fans Off Their Feet In Manila

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Giving his all to make sure the audience have a fun and entertaining night, the dimpled actor definitely solidified his place in fans’ hearts.

Kim Seon Ho was all smiles as he met with his Filipino Seonhohadas on Sunday night, January 23, 2023, at the packed Mall of Asia Arena. His very first fan meeting in the country not only showed how truly charming he is, but also proved the immense love his PH fans have for him.

He eagerly participated in every game and interacted with the audience with much enthusiasm. In return, Seonhohadas screamed and cheered for him at every given opportunity.

Media Conference

Before officially meeting his fans, Kim Seon Ho met with the members of the press earlier in the day. He greeted the media and said he was glad and honored to be in the country. He then answered questions that provided more insights into the kind of person Kim Seon Ho is. When asked about the memories he wants his fans to remember his first overseas fan meeting by, Seon Ho said he just wants them to recall happy memories and be enlightened.

He also mentioned that it was his second time here in the country and he felt great every time. He appreciated the warm welcome from Filipino fans and that made him happy.

Kim Seon Ho on being an actor

Talking about his acting career, having started out in the theater, he explained that there was not much difference acting in TV dramas. He said, technical-wise it’s pretty much the same and as he was exposed to doing more research on his roles in theater, it helped in the transition.

Further endearing himself with the members of the press, Kim Seon Ho stated that he wants his fans to remember him as someone who works hard and gives a lot. He added that he wants them to know that he is an actor who is capable to do more [projects].

He also revealed how he prepares for each role. Kim Seon Ho stated that he focuses on the character and the script. So he tries to study and analyze the character by going to the basics. He said he tries to learn what makes the character tick and tries to understand why the character is feeling that way.

When asked about his favorite role to date, Kim Seon Ho mentioned that all the roles he played are memorable but he has to go with Hong Du Sik, his character in the hit series Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. When asked about his “good boy” image and roles, and if there is a role he wants to try far away from it, Seon Ho expressed that he is trying what he wants to do right now and that he is in the middle of being in the good boy image and its opposite. He then teased the press to look forward to his upcoming project.

On His upcoming projects and Life lesson he wants to share

Kim Seon Ho told the press that he just finished working on a movie titled Sad Tropics (The Childe). It is about a boy in the Philippines, born to Filipino Mother and a Korean father, who chases his dream. He also talked about another movie which he remarked having a character who is lonely. In terms of his upcoming TV drama, he said something is being worked on, once it is finalized he will everyone know about it.

As for the lesson he learned and wanted to impart to fans, Kim Seon Ho shared that we all go through hard times and that if there is no pain, there is no gain. He added that as you long as you tried hard, these hard times will end and good times will eventually come. “Give your best to overcome [challenges], and you will be happy”, he said.

He ended the presscon by thanking the media as well as the fans who will be coming to the fan meeting later that day. He acknowledged and appreciated their hard work, love and support. Kim Seon Ho also said he will try his best to come as often as he can to see fans. And before fully exiting the venue he wished the media and fans to always stay safe and healthy.


Fans trooped to the Mall of Asia Arena to see their favorite K-Drama actor and he did not disappoint. From the moment the lights dimmed up to his last interaction with fans, Kim Seon Ho gave his all.

He opened the fan meeting with his rendition of Paul Kim’s “Every Day Every Moment” and greeted the fans after. Seasoned Event Host Kring Kim joined him onstage amidst the loud cheers. Seon Ho expressed his shock with the warm reception. He said during rehearsal, as he stood on stage looking at the empty venue, he wondered how he can fill it with his fans.

Seeing the packed Arena, he added that he can feel the warmth and love from fans and that it made at ease and comfortable. He thanked fans once again and stated that he can feel the hot passion from fans and he promised to be even more passionate for fans.

Fan Meeting Corners (Part 1)

For the first segment, Kim Seon Ho’s Drama Talk, the actor has to reenact iconic scenes from his dramas. But there was a twist, Seon Ho needed to do it with some lucky fans.

When the first fan came up on stage, Seon Ho could not help his amusement when he saw the fan in a wedding dress. The duo then proceeded to do the cute dancing scene in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Kim Seon Ho said he was not a good dancer but managed to pull it through.

The second fan was wearing a Hanbok as she acted a scene from Start Up. The third lucky audience member, acted a scene with Seon Ho from the series Catch the Ghost. During the segment, Kim Seon Ho was very enthusiastic and complimented the fans who acted with him, saying they are great. He also praised Kring Kim.

Second corner is about speaking Filipino words. Kim Seon Ho nailed the pronunciation of words Manigong Bagong Taon (Happy New Year), Masaya akong makita kayo (I’m happy to see you), and Pusuan/Pinusuan Kita (I heart you).

Kim Seon Ho then ranked his Filipino food choices in the third corner, 2023 Kim Seon Ho Awards. Pancit won as the dish he wanted to have and justified his choice by saying people told him it is just like japchae. As for the Filipino dessert, he picked Bibingka (Filipino rice cake), stating that based on the picture it looked like pizza. After these corners, Seon Ho took a short break where fans are shown a VCR of Kim Seon Ho and his 4 Seasons.

Fan Meeting Corners (Part 2)

He also participated in physical games with fans in the second part of the fan meeting. In the warm up game, another set of lucky fans got to go against Kim Seon Ho. In the staring game, it was a split win as the he lost against the first player but won in the second. Despite the losing, the fan still took home a special gift as Seon Ho still awarded her the prize. The same thing happened in the second warm up game, which is a Balance game.

As for the Team game, three groups, composed of three fans had the opportunity to team up with Seon Ho. Whichever team accomplished the tasks with the fastest time, wins the game. Seon Ho together with the other players, has to catch the ball, complete jump rope for five times and successfully toss the sipa to each other to finish the team game. After the three groups played, the second team won. Though he got tired (at one point Seon Ho laid on the couch to rest), he said he feels very happy.

In the segment, Seon Ho Will Do It, the charming actor must succeed in doing three tasks. If he fails there is a corresponding penalty. He successfully balanced a coke can in the first round. However, he failed to score a goal in the basketball game. As a penalty, he has to pose for fans. He once again failed in the third task (toss sipa 10 times). His penalty this time around was to record a morning call, much to the crowd’s delight. Though a bit embarrassed, Seon Ho pushed through and said he’s glad fans are happy.

Seon Ho also customized a ball cap, which one lucky fan got to take home that night. After, Seon Ho said he want to communicate and be with fans more. If there was something lacking, he hopes fans understand. He added, “I will forever treasure in his heart the memories we have today.”

“Because of you I can stand in front you as an actor. I’m always thankful and I love you. It may be not as often as I want it to be, but I promise to come back. I promise to be back with better projects as an actor. I am very happy [today]. Thank you.”

Last stage and Fan project

Kim Seon Ho came back to perform his last song “Reasons”. After the performance, he asked if the audience had fun and hoped that the minutes spent brought smiles to fans. Seon Ho got teary eyed as a fan-made video was shown after he took pictures with the audience. He praised the quality of the fan project and said he promised himself not to cry.

Kim Seon Ho was quite emotional as he thanked the fans “for touching my heart all the time”. He mentioned that there are a lot of heartwarming messages included in the video. But he appreciated the one saying fans will be there for him through all the hard times.

He officially ended the fan meet by promising to be a good person and actor. Kim Seon Ho once again expressed his love for his Seonhohadas before leaving the stage.

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Event covered by Emylyn Castalla and Khris Virgilio (khrizvyy)

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