Filipino K-Movie Fans, Enter The ‘Tunnel’ If You Dare

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After riding the ‘Train’, get ready to enter the ‘Tunnel’, Philippines!

Korean box-office disaster movie Tunnel is set to conquer Philippine cinemas nationwide in a thrilling story of a man’s survival beginning November 2.

Viva International Pictures is bringing the box-office hit to the archipelago, which scored $19 million and 2.58 million admissions on its first week, debuting on the top spot of South Korea’s box office.

The 2016 disaster film that headlines actors Ha Jung-woo, Doona Bae, and Oh Dal-su depicts 35 days of a father’s desperate quest for survival in a collapsed tunnel.

Devoted father, husband and automobile salesman Lee Jung-soo (Ha Jung-woo) is driving home, with a birthday cake for his daughter in hand. He enters the newly-constructed tunnel and from then, his nightmare begins.

The tunnel collapses on him. He survives, but is trapped and alone with only a birthday cake, two bottles of water and a cellphone. He calls 911 and his wife Se-hyun (Doona Bae), and is told to sit tight.

The 35 days of battle of survival and rescue has ensued for Jung-soo, his wife and task force leader Kim Dae-kyung (Oh Dal-su), while media exploits the situation with government officials stage-manage photo ops for their public image.

Partnered with visually compelling special effects and cinematography by director for photography Kim Tae-sung and editor Kim Chang-ju, director Kim Seung-hun delivers a heavy message on the sanctity of human life and probably, a critique on politics and the public.

Enter the ‘Tunnel’ in Philippine cinemas nationwide and be trapped in an engrossing, witty and enjoyable picture and story of disaster, survival and hope.

Visit Viva International Pictures Facebook for more details on the Tunnel’s screening.

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