Hallyu Goddess Yoona Has “So Wonderful Day” In Singapore

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Did you have a So Wonderful Day with Yoona in Singapore?

Popular Girls’ Generation member and award-Winning Korean drama actress Im Yoona, professionally known as Yoona, was back in Singapore for her first official fan meet at [email protected].

The Yoona Fanmeeting Tour, So Wonderful Day #Story_1 first kicked off in Seoul (South Korea) in May 2018, has since taken place successfully in Bangkok (Thailand), Tokyo and Osaka (Japan), as well as Hong Kong, before it finally made its way to Singapore.

On September 28, the highly-anticipated fan meet was attended by over 2,000 passionate SONES (Girls’ Generation fandom) from Singapore and the neighbouring countries, who were treated to a memorable and unforgettable evening with the charming Hallyu Goddess.

Image credit: IMC | Yoona “So Wonderful Day” in Singapore

The iconic Korean pop artist serenaded the audience with her successful singles “When The Wind Blows”, “To You” and “Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway”. She also shared updates about her personal life, including excitement for her upcoming action film project EXIT.

Yoona further treated fans to specially prepared and exclusive not-yet-released photos to the public, which revealed some insights to her daily life, including her travels, behind-the-scenes at work and passion about food.

Some lucky SONES even got to enjoy an upclose and personal engagement with Yoona when they were selected to go on stage to play interactive games with their idol. Winners were presented prizes personally by the idol. One of the prizes and a highlight of the evening was Yoona learning and preparing rojak, a local delicacy, for two of the lucky winners.

Image credit: IMC | Yoona “So Wonderful Day” in Singapore

At the end of the intimate fan meet, Yoona took the opportunity to express her gratitude to fans for their unwavering support and left them with heartfelt messages.

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