Han Seung Woo Announces Fan Meeting Details

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Han Seung Woo will meet his fans soon for a fan meeting!

Are you excited? Han Seung Woo, a member of X1 and VICTON will hold a fan meeting. He is ready to meet everyone at the Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Palace on February 8 at 2 p.m. and 7.pm.

His fan meeting is titled with four Chinese characters – 喜 怒 哀 樂. It represents four types of human emotion: Happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy.

In line with that, the official poster for his fan meeting shows Han Seung Woo expressing each emotion.

喜 怒 哀 樂 Fan Meeting Details

To meet more fans, PlayM Entertainment decided to hold two events. With this, a total of 8,000 fans are expected to come for Han’s fan meeting.

The artist recently launched his personal Instagram account to communicate better to fans. Proving his immense popularity, he smoothly surpasses 500,000 followers. 


Additionally, through this account that he first shared the news of his fan meeting. He personally delivered the good news to his fans during an Instagram Live, saying, “I’m working on a present for my fans that have waited such a long time. I know that you miss me a lot, and I really want to see you and I really want to perform. I want us to have a great time together with me performing for you on stage, so I went to my agency and talked with them, and now I’m preparing.”

The agency said, “Han Seung Woo wants to repay the thankful love of the fans, and he is participating in the planning and preparing himself.”

The pour of support and encouragement continues to come for Han Seung Woo. Everyone is excited to see him soon!

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Han Seung Woo?

Source: Sports Chosun 

Image Credit: Play M Entertainment