hellokpop_LOONA: Win A Ticket To The Dazzling Two-Day Event “이달의 소녀 ON WAVE [LOOΠΔTHEWORLD : &]”

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Calling all ORBITS! Join our contest for a chance to win a ticket to dazzle beneath the stars with LOONA during their digital fan meeting and concert!

Together with MyMusicTaste, Hellokpop will be providing one (1) lucky ORBIT with a free, live-only ticket to attend LOONA’s upcoming fan meeting and concert, 이달의 소녀 ON WAVE [LOOΠΔTHEWORLD : &].


In celebration of their comeback on June 28 with their newest EP, &, LOONA will host a special two-day affair for fans.

The group will host a fan meeting titled, 이달의 소녀 Premier Greeting [D&D] on June 27. The event will provide artists and fans with the chance to reconnect during quality time with each other.

Subsequently, LOONA will perform a series of radiant stages during their concert on June 28, 이달의 소녀 ON WAVE [LOOΠΔTHEWORLD : &].

Tickets and merchandise bundles are now available for purchase on MyMusicTaste.

#hellokpop_LOONA Ticket Giveaway Contest Rules

  1. You must be following both Hellokpop (Twitter) and MyMusicTaste (Twitter) on its official Twitter SNS accounts.
  2. Quote re-tweet this article’s giveaway tweet on your chosen social media.
  3. Include a personal shoutout expressing your excitement or love for LOONA’s upcoming concert.
  4. You must include all of the following official hashtags in your tweet: #LOONA #이달의소녀 #PREMIERGREETING #AND #hellokpop_LOONA
  5. The event will run from June 12 to June 24 KST.
  6. You can enter once per day by quote tweeting a new tweet.
  7. One (1) winner will be chosen by a random draw of all Twitter entries.
  8. Make sure that you have a MyMusicTaste-registered email address, username, and full name.
  9. Hellokpop will notify the lucky winner via a direct message on Twitter, as well to get the winner’s information.
  10. Only those who successfully follow ALL the instructions shall be included in the list of entries.

Our kind thanks to MyMusicTaste for collaborating on this event.


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