iKON Confirmed To Perform On #AsianGames2018 Closing Ceremony

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iKON’s performance at the closing ceremony of Asian Games marks their fifth visit to Indonesia in two years.


Photo Credits: High Cut Magazine

Following Super Junior D&E’s confirmation to perform at the closing ceremony of Asian Games 2018, another K-Pop flair is set to perform through iKON.

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On August 27, local news sources have reported that iKON will take part in the closing ceremony of Asian Games 2018.

The creative director of Asian Games 2018’s closing ceremony, Wishnutama, on a local press conference made the announcement.

According to Wishnutama, the presence of K-Pop artists in said closing ceremony will exemplify the powerful unity of Asian countries. This goes in line with the slogan of Asian Games 2018, “Energy of Asia”.

Aside from the confirmed K-Pop acts, local artists set to highlight the festivity include Isyana Sarasvati, BCL, Gigi, and Denada.

Cultural performances from Indonesia, Korea, and China will also be showcased in the ceremony.

Unified Korea - Asian Games 2018

Unified Korea in the Asian Games 2018 Opening Ceremony // Photo Credits: Chinesenews.com

Giving a hint on the concept of the international sports event’s closing ceremony, Wishnutama mentioned that it will only take a day to build the ceremony’s stage.

“The closing event’s concept will be different [from the opening]. It’s objective is to celebrate the athletes, organizers and volunteers’ achievements over the success of the event”, quoting Wishnutama’s statement on the press conference to local news sites.

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