iKON To Meet Fans Through Back-To-Back Concerts In Seoul

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Get ready? Show time!

Well-loved K-pop boy group iKON will hold back-to-back concerts at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul in June.

Long-awaited concert party

Notably, this is iKON’s first concert in about three years and six months. As the members face their fans after a long time, they plan to live up to expectations by preparing more diverse and richer stages. The group’s overwhelming stage dominance has been proven through several concerts. Not only their splendid performances, but also their limitless music spectrum, and their unique free-spirited hip-hop swag are expected to shake the hearts of global fans.

iKON said, “I really missed the fans, and I’m happy to be able to be together through the opportunity of a concert.”

The boys will meet fans offline on June 25. In addition, they will greet online viewers and offline audiences on the second day, June 26. Fans can score offline tickets through Auction and Weverse Shop starting May 4. As for the online tickets, these will be available for purchase via Weverse Shop beginning May 6.

Before this, iKON will first recruit the official fan club, iKONIC, through Weverse, the official fan community, on April 15. Fans who want to participate can sign up through the Weverse Shop membership product page. Only those who have pre-registered will receive the benefit of pre-purchasing offline tickets for the concert from April 28 to 29.

Since their debut in 2015, iKON has made several hit songs including “KILLING ME,” “LOVE SCENARIO,” and “RHYTHM TA,” among many others.

Meanwhile, they are delighting fans every Tuesday with their self-produced entertainment program iKON ON AIR.

Source: iMBC

Photo Credits: YG Entertainment