ITZY Celebrates An Event Of Hope And Happiness During Their “FAN PARTY LIVE”

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ITZY hosts their first official fan club party on NAVER, celebrating a joyous event with global fans!

ITZY greeted global fans on March 20 at 4 PM KST, hosting their first-ever fan party for those part of their official fan club. The group also pre-released a fan-dedicated track titled “MIDZY” at 6 PM on the same day. Throughout the event, ITZY thrilled fans with the fan party’s cheerful concept and warm atmosphere.


The event began with the premiere of the lyric video for “MIDZY”,  communicating a message of hope that encouraged its listeners while warming the hearts of fans, as the group named the track for their beloved fandom.

ITZY members appeared radiant in crisp white outfits, surrounded by bright flowers. They performed “MIDZY”, displaying a different charm than during their more intense tracks, but nonetheless impressed with their soft tones and sincerity. Furthermore, the group showcased their unity with admirable harmonies.

Celebrating A Close Bond With MIDZY

Regarding their new song, ITZY explained, “We wanted to convey our comfort in times of exhaustion and hardship. We were thinking about what the fans would like the most, so we prepared this song. We sang it with gratitude for MIDZY, who always sends us great love, and we hope our hearts can be conveyed well.”

Throughout the fan party, ITZY hosted various activities including game corners, interviews, artist profiles, and speed games, raising fans’ spirits. Furthermore, ITZY communicated with fans by responding to real-time comments and providing various stories about their group. ITZY and MIDZY also made several promises to one another including, “I will always trust and love each other as friends all my life”, “We will be self-esteem guards and always cheer for each other”, and “We will laugh together”.

ITZY also took the time to express their gratitude for their loyal fandom.

They said, “We are working hard with the hope that our music and stage will be a strength to many people, but all the members are receiving warm comfort thanks to the love and support from our fans. We want to see each other for a longer time with faith in each other like now, and we want to have a close relationship that everyone feels just by looking at each other’s eyes. We will do our best to be a pride of MIDZY in the future.”

Meanwhile, ITZY’s new song “MIDZY” encapsulates the fan party’s overall message. The song communicates that “The reason why the team exists is because of the firm faith of the fans”. The track is a true testament to the lovely relationship between the group and their supporters, and the mutual support they share. To respond to the love of global fans, ITZY released the track in both Korean and English.

Source: Herald POP

Image and Video Source: JYP Entertainment