ITZY Presents Girl Power With Maybelline New York Virtual Event + Members Share Beauty Tips, Live Performances

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ITZY definitely pressed play for all things that have been paused in the Maybelline New York live virtual event!

It was an icy September 19th evening with ITZY as the girls meet international MIDZYs at the live virtual event with Maybelline New York! The concept of the world-class brand seems to fit perfectly with ITZY’s, as well, which is why this collaboration was nothing short of perfection. In particular, the five-member girl group’s tracks promote women empowerment and never losing confidence in your own beauty.

ITZY Maybelline New York

Former Wonder Girls’ member Hyerim was the host of the show and shortly introduced the beauty icons, ITZY and Maybelline. Then, the night started with a live performance of ITZY’s “Not Shy”. It was a powerful performance that showcased the girls’ impressive choreography which properly opened the event.

As girls who respect other’s unique styles and beauty, ITZY has extended their gratitude to Maybelline for choosing them as the new ambassadresses for the cosmetics brand.

Continuing on with the event, ITZY played a rapid game that excited fans who were watching at home. In line with the collaboration with Maybelline, one of the questions asked was about the makeup that each member first bought. Yeji said her first makeup purchase was a lip tint, while Lia, Ryujin, and Chaeryeong said theirs was a colored lip balm. Yuna, on the other hand, mentioned that her first makeup purchase was sunscreen to protect her skin.

The ITZY members also showered love to each other when they were asked to mention one charming point of the person sitting on their right. Yuna said Chaeryeong’s charming point is her lips, while Chaeryeong pointed out Ryujin’s handsomeness. Ryujin complimented Lia’s beautiful voice, while the former said Yeji’s eyes are her charming point. Finally, Yeji mentioned that the charming point of Yuna is her self-confidence.

Then, ITZY moved forward to the event with live performances of the songs “MIDZY” and “Be In Love,” which the members both dedicated to their fans who have been waiting for them for so long.

ITZY members share beauty tips and their one-pick makeup product

Observing that ITZY impressively maintains their glowing look even after tough performances, Yerim asked the girls for beauty and makeup tips that can be of aid to fans who are currently watching at their own homes. Ryujin says that long-lasting makeup is a must because of the fact that they have lots of performances, especially during album promotions.

Further to the event, the members were asked to choose their one-pick makeup product. Chaeryeong chose Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer and Foundation as it is a good product to cover blotches. Then, Ryujin mentioned her one-pick makeup product would be Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte Ink because of its long-lasting effect. Hyerim agreed to it and pointed out that it also has lots of gorgeous colors to pick from.

Moreover, Yeji said her go-to makeup product would be eyeliners. Looking at how fierce and detailed Yeji’s eye makeup is, she also acknowledged that eyeliners make her eye shape even more beautiful. Lia said she has this habit of keeping her eyebrows clean and well-shaped so she chose Maybelline’s Brow Duo, while Yuna chose the Hypercurl Mascara to make her eyes even more attractive.

ITZY then went to perform a cheerful stage of “Tennis” then closed the show with “In The Morning”. Before leaving, the members extended their hopes to meet fans as soon as the pandemic is over.

Meanwhile, ITZY is coming back with the first full album CRAZY IN LOVE. Headlined by the track “LOCO,” the album will be released on September 24, 2021 at 1:00 PM KST.

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

Hellokpop extends gratitude to Maybelline PH for the press pass to this event.

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