IZ*ONE Fan Party Applications Begin Exclusively On UNIVERSE

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IZ*ONE invites fans to a special digital fan party through the newest K-Pop fandom platform, UNIVERSE!

IZ*ONE will host the first-ever fan party on the new K-Pop fandom platform, UNIVERSE. The digital meeting will occur on February 28, at 6 PM KST. The artists prepared a variety of delights including new stages revealed exclusively at the UNIVERSE fan party, as well as one-on-one video calls with their fans.


Join The Party

IZ*ONE’s online fan party is the first to be hosted by the newly launched UNIVERSE app. Fans can apply to take part in the fan party through UNIVERSE, gaining “KLAP” from participating in fandom activities. Fans can then exchange their fandom currency KLAP to gain raffle tickets which they can use to apply to the event.

In total, 1200 people can win to take part in the online party.

During the event, 120 lucky fans out of the 1200 winners will have the chance to chat with the artists and have a one-on-one call with a member following the party.


Fans can access various videos of the fan meeting including on-site event scenes and individual member videos through UNIVERSE as VODs proceeding the fan party.

The application period runs from February 19 to 21. UNIVERSE will announce the winners for the IZ*ONE digital fan party on February 23.

IZ*ONE raised excitement for the event through a teaser video.

The members stated, “It was nice to show WIZ*ONE the ‘D-D-DANCE’ stage at the UNIVERSE concert, but it was disappointing. I wanted to see WIZ*ONE for a longer time, but time passed quickly. We prepared a special fan party for WIZ*ONE. We can meet through UNIVERSE at 6 PM on February 28. On that day, you can play fun games with WIZ*ONE, talk, and have a 1:1 video call. We’ve prepared a lot of things, so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, UNIVERSE will continue hosting other events and fan meetings for its platform artists following the IZ*ONE party. Online and in-person events will continue to depend on COVID-19 safety regulations.

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PR, Image, and Video Source: KLAP